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April 9 1 week to Boston Marathon

DOR for me today as is my usual.

Test week to see where I am for training though. Ugh! I really dislike these things. Ignorance is bliss for me.

SBEE: glad to see you found your snow shoe boots and have fun in China with your mom.
Yo: Hope you are feeling a bit better and enjoyed the trip to Chi-Town with DS.
Zoj: What's up? Ski season almost over for you?
Geo: One of these Saturdays I'll join the bagelry ride with you but I'm not sure I could keep up. Is it a no drop ride?
Thor: Great trip looks like! Great to get away as a couple I'm sure.
Alicia: Good luck on finals and stuff if you still pop in here at all.
AMike: Hope you are still injury free. Zone 2 baby, zone 2!!
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Wow, 1 wk to Boston! Thinking of fine memory of meeting with you MQ! Enjoy the rest day, then test. No sweat, it is what it is and it will take you where you need to go!

30min walk is all I could squeeze during lunch time due to some conf call. A planned G3 bike ride (Girlbiker Gravel Grinder, I think G3 was originally.. but evolved to include lots of guys too) after work but the weather looks kinda miserable (drizzling and snowing...). I am planning to get out no matter what, though. I Just Need to Let Go of lots of stuff out of my head.
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I ran 3 yesterday. It was supposed to be 8, but my calf blew up bad. I've been having lots of issues breathing and that seems much better, but then my calf blew up..

Oh, well.. 5 days to get healthy for boston.

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AdCo!!! good to see more peeps rejoining us!

I did nothign but a 3 mile walk or so got lost randomly on the way back home. I think I was lost in thought and took the wrong looping raod but I'm not sure!

My stupid ear is clogged with wax and I am about to take a long flight, wonder how that will go! i've tried the standard debrox etc. I cna't figure otu what else to do.
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Nothing for me for a couple of days (auditors in house ... lots of meetings).

MQ - Yes, it is no drop - and if you join us, I'd be happy to follow the route with the swanky GPS at whatever the speed. Realistically speaking, it's probably a "B" shop ride equivalent - easier 15-16 mph rides in the early season (now) with <50 mile distances, with summer going up to 50 mile plus rides @16-18 pace - depending on the distance. One or two rest/refreshment stops. Mostly older guys, with one or two regular females - varied professionals in the crew (but no lawyers that I know of ). Group is usually 10-20 veteran riders (some higher amounts for popular rides like the Nubble).

It is crack o' dawn during the summer (6:30 AM - I'm guessing starting from this week, but it may still be a 7 AM start for this week). Ride route gets posted on Thursday.

Ride starts from Durham, but depending on route, a rider sometimes joins in at any point throughout the route and finishes the loop by themselves - or cuts out early to head back.

Let me know if you want me to send you routes/details when they are announced. You could sign-up for a mail list-serv if you want. Not "spammy" - but probably more email than you're interested in.

--Edit -- Oh, and first Saturday ride of the month is meant to be at a more social/casual pace. In practice, seeing as it's usually the same group of people, pace doesn't vary much more than normal - but it is the "official" easier pace ride.
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