Friday, Feb. 16 - WORKOUTS! -
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Friday, Feb. 16 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Zoj: That's crazy about DD! I'm taking notes. How do you feel about her going into the military? I get that you aren't ready for her to leave, but what about leave for the military?

SB: Enjoy the Telemark skiing! I don't wish time away, especially with kids, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I cannot wait until the kids are a little more self sufficient so that I can get more time to do things like cross country skiing!

Jules: So happy to see you back! Please, please stay. I'm not doing any real workouts. I'm just here for the friendships. Please stay!

Yo: Re: "GF... is that a part of the effort to fight back the illiness? Seeing some positive results? Ugh must be hard." Thanks for asking. GF isn't necessarily an effort to fight back illness. Rather it is more about getting my body as efficient as possible for the remedies I am taking so that they can start doing their job without inhibitors. I can go back to gluten at a later date, and I could be on it now, but I my body is better suited to be treated when GF. As for positive results, none yet. I have gotten worse, but this could be considered a positive if it is part of a die-off reaction. The problem is when you go through this sort of reaction, on paper you know it is possible you are "getting worse before getting better", but you don't know for certain, and hence it just kind of sucks. But I'm dealing with it very well. I'm good at letting go of that which I cannot control. And this is one of them. It's like doing an Ironman triathlon. As long as you are doing every thing you can, giving it your all, and doing all the right things, including energy output and nutrition, then the time on the clock will be what it will be. You don't worry about it even if you are shooting for a certain time because it is who you are. You've done all you can.


2.7 mile walk early this morning. Still feeling kind of off. Still lower energy.

Great day, friends!
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Thor: I really hope this treatment is working

Zoj: That is a big step with the military. We have to let them go. We are going to look at colleges on Feb vacation for my "baby". I'm not ready to let him go, at least it's still a ways away for me.

Me: 31/80 Day obsession. AAA Arms Abs A$$ LOL. Sliders, weights and resistance loops. This program has all kinds of cool moves, I really love it.

Happy Friday everyone!
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Afternoon all ... An easy 4+ miler with Kevin (10+ pace) ... just chit-chatting. At 11K for the fitbit today so far though!

SBee - Glad you're having fun telemarking! Whenever I see it (rarely) - it looks like an awful lot of fun, but a lot of effort as well. Glad the cycling is paying off in the ski-leg department!

Zoj - That would throw me for a loop as well. Is it a sense of patriotic duty, or uncertainty about future educational/vocational plans, the desire to get out into the wide world or a little of everything? I know that for the right person, it can be a very positive experience (as I imagine it could be a very negative experience for the wrong person).

As a side note, my DD would be kicking my ass in running lately. She's sent her last few phone GPS'd runs: 4.6 miles @7:43 pace with one 7:16 mile in there, and a 6 mile run @ 7:40 pace (with a 7:2x mile in there). She always had the makings of a good runner as a kid (before focusing on swimming) ... And now here she is doing it on a lark and kicking butt ... Just hope she doesn't over do it ... but oh, to be young and in shape again!! I'll have to get her to motivate me to get out on a hard run when she's back over spring break....

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Thor - I knew you were taking GF beers in stride!!

Geo - I totally see triathlon in your DD?s future!! Great motivation for you to keep up with running!

Finally back from off site mtg. Normally I don?t drink any more than 2 a week.... this week, yikes I drank at least 2 every night. Time to get back to myself and also cut down the food intake. Boy the desserts were totally irresistible. Luckily they were small bite sizes but I pretty much took EVERY kind....

Both guys in my life are work/camp/sleepover so... 30min walk and now on a spinning bike at the gym!
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