Thursday, Feb. 15 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, Feb. 15 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Zoj: I understand. It sounds like you just need a goal to come around that totally inspires you. It's obvious you miss competing, because otherwise you probably wouldn't feel this way, one foot in and the other out. I understand this a little too well in my predicament. Hope you were able to get that walk to the gym in. Though it sounds like the back needed rest.

Geo: You slug! And nice pace all things considered. And as for you, you absolutely should get back into racing. If you can run 8:40 pace with very little dedicated training, you can get that down quite a bit with some training, and then you'll compete with the 60+ very well.


2.8 mile walk early this morning. Feeling a bit shaky. Legs feel okay but my body feels like its moving through water. Just sluggish and slow. We feel I am going through a Herx reaction -- or body clearing itself -- due to this as well as a few other signs I am showing. I have also been gluten free for almost three weeks. Wasn't hard at all. But I do miss a good, sturdy beer. The GF ones just don't cut it when you are used to solid craft beer.

Great day, friends!
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Hi everyone! It's really interesting reading about racing/not racing. I haven't done a race in a couple of years. I kind of miss it. I can't run anymore with the arthritis in my knees. I can work up to running a few days a week for a few weeks, then I get excited and then one of my knees freaks out and it kills me for days. I haven't run since December.

I started a new Beachbody program called 80 day obsession in Jan. I am loving it! It reminds me of training for a race, instead I am just following the program to a T including the nutrition. My "race goal" is to add muscle and get stronger and I am. I think what I miss most about racing is the training. Setting the goal and then every workout is a step to the goal. So now I have a new one and it has really revitalized me I am hoping as I lose some weight and get stronger that I will be able to add some running back in. Not trying for awhile as if I hurt my knees it will screw up my training.

Anyway, 80DO #30 today. Leg day. This is the first week of phase 2 so all the workouts are new. I love leg day! <3

Happy workouts
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Thor - GF... is that a part of the effort to fight back the illiness? Seeing some positive results? Ugh must be hard.

Julie - welcome back! You are always trying a new thing! You looked great in the recent photos in FB!

Geo - good to hear you are getting back at it. Solid pace in spite of all the execuses

1hr of spinning and walking in the hotel gym. Just didn?t feel like running on TM again. And 30min strength exercises. These good meals (and drinking) are killing me....
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yesterday ended up just being 10K+ steps....

Today did make it to the gym for the missed weight workout and more steps...will get a run in this weekend when I get home.

Traveling home tomorrow finally!

Hey Julie!!

So, DD told me yesterday that she still really wants to go into the military...speaking with recruiters this week from AF and Navy. She said she would finish out the school year, but then could be gone. So...Not...ready. I thought I had 3 more years...sniff
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Wow zoj... did you see this was coming??
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Thor glad you got out even if it didn't feel right you will be glad you kept going when things change later
wow Zo!
hi julie
my swim/runner friend and I were musing on the decline of demand for triathlon and the rise of gran fondo and "fun distance events". Our generaitons were really into these sports todays youth perhaps not as much but they do like events.
Telemark skiing all day today in whiteout conditions 18 inches fell while we were on the slopes. We both went over an edge of a groomed run into very deep powder and I lost a ski for a while under the trees al due to the white out. Nice though becuase the snow has been nearly absent out west this year.

I had a funny reality check, I was wodnering why my pants and gloves were nto ekeping me warm like they usually do. Probing a bit to see if they were worn out then looked up at the thermometer showing 6 degrees that plus wind would eb why i was cold. i get another day tomorrow before we hit the road for more mundane stuff. I was lucky to be able to swap work/travel/ski days when I saw this storm coming. All the cycling is paying off with stronger ski legs.
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