Monday, Jan 22- workout! -
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Monday, Jan 22- workout!

Are/were you affected by the shutdown?

Still not quite 100% from the flu... a bit dizzy/headache. But pleasantly surprised how quickly I got better. Hope you guys are staying away from the flu.

40min leisurely walk. I tested my new gore-tex Asics running shoes by intentionally walking through paddles. They passed

Maybe easy spinning or something later.

Hope you are having a good start of the week!
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Yo: Love the testing <3 Hope you are feeling better.
Geo: Sorry about the dog issue. Fingers crossed they knew it wasn't really controllable and these things happen.
Zoj: Way to keep up the WW streak. Hope skiing was fun.
SBee: Way to cobble together the gear and get the ride in.

For: Back had been better then got worse after acupuncture thursday. Did run Thursday and friday just did PT routine. Sat did a 4 mile run then breakfast with group at my house. Sun rode trainer then did PT routine. Nothing this a.m. which usually my rest day. So far back is getting better again.
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I am one of those who could be affected by the shutdown. Fortunately, the project I am working on has been fully funded, so I am good, but there are projects at our company that may not be. I just wish the powers that be would get off their collective asses and work together to get this resolved. Doesn't matter who started it, just work together to get it fixed. rant over.

Managed ~3 mile run/walk today and I managed to NOT get wet!! yeah me!

Skiing was fun on Saturday - there was a wind hold, so the high speed lifts didn't open until almost noon, so lift lines were CRAZY...but better once the other lifts opened up. Snow was good tho.

Sunday was a down day, traveling home from the mountain and then bringing DD into her apartment for the next semester.

I'm sorry, but the house is too quiet, the dog doesn't know what to do and frankly neither do I.
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Government shutdown well the lack of budget has badly impacted my business with uncertainty for years now. Previous shutdowns have stranded me and cost us a lot of time and money so this time I stay home and had to get up at silly hours of the morning last week to call into meetings. Hope we get around to having actual budget again some day. The whole thing makes a lot of noise in my head!

Yo keep improving!

MQ backs are so annoying hard to tell what is making them better or worse until its to late, I hope yours stays on the upswing.

Geo best of luck with the dog situation. I've harbored a small fear of them since watching others getting bitten too many times. Long ago I trained a veterinarian who was the local "dog catcher" as well and dogs seemed to come out of no where to attack him. He carried a tranq gun at times but it was crazy stuff.

Quiet day for me today and usually my rest day too. I have a little addiction going to my step on core aerator (for the lawn which is suffering from various maladies). So I've been outside doing that during various teleconferences today. It is starting to feel like an actual workout! We'll invent some new crazy routine of handheld lawn maintenance and exercise maybe prancercise with the aerator...see the endless gov't/work uncertainty has made me crazy
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Hi everyone. I'm trying to be back as I miss all of you. I just get lazy and only check FB. Will.make.effort Hope everyone is doing well!

Yo & MQ: Feel better soon!

Me: Day 9/80 of the new program I am doing. It's really hard in a good way
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