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Unseasonably cooler day.
DH and I went for a cafe ride. 40miles almost 3hrs with a bite/coffee stop. DH stopped by the single track near house on return - I was just too wiped out by that time so skipped.

Another win last night by Indians (we were freezing toward the end, brrr) , and we are on our way to the 10th win in a row today as I speak. Boston is right on our heels on the best record in American League!
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Go sox!

Nice here in New England today (though cool morning for sure). Unseasonable starts tomorrow...

60 mile ride with the crew this morning ... moderate conversational pace... followed by a bit of log stacking and a trip to the bike store...

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Sounds like a nice, relaxing late-summer ride, Geo.

7-ish mile this morning. Butt started hurting in the second half. Kinda blahhh day. Heading to DH's parents soon.
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So insane heat wave here on the coast. We don't have a/c or much of anything to cool the place down because it is so very rare, record setting here. Everyone rushed out to buy fans and a/c and then maxed out the power.
So last night it got hotter at night, 90 degrees was too hot to sleep, its all weird stuff from hurricanes tracking further up baja than normal. I'd like your weather for once!

I did a combined long swim, swimming Friday night and then Saturday am, late then early. Saturday was a great day on the water super smooth and calm for some reason or another the kayak and first escort swimmer never materialized but the second relief team did (funny the first swimmer found the kayaker and went off on their own).

So Friday night solo @ 6.5 miles choppy sloppy finish @ 8 pm, Saturday 6 am start smooth and calm. I ran into other swimmers I knew early, and dolphins and fish, I took a "river cooler" out and attached a small anchor, swam it out and used it to base my feeds and meetings on Saturday. My second crew swam with me way out around point la jolla, I tried to convince them to continue on another beach and call for a ride back but they got a little scared.

Last night we got heat at night up to 90 something by 4am. When we got up it was raining a little (again not a normal so cal thing) we got a nice 3+ mile swim mostly in the rain. The winds blew the surface hot water away so we had weird sections of 61 and of 71 degree water. Something with a dark fin, likely a dolphin, followed us for a bit. Otherwise not much wildlife just rain!

I hope you all have a splendid Monday!

Finally I am doing some credit card workouts tonight since my trainer tire is shredding away and showing me its threads and my cassette seems to be discontinued and on final sale, I'm hitting the Nashbar labor day sale hard!
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SBee: I am belatedly terrified for a fish with a fin trailing you.

Fri: Swim and trainer ride. Muir on TR
Sat: rode trainer for an hour, free ride. Going to ride longer but Hubster needed help with house project and then met friends for dinner. Good times.
Sun: Rode trainer with N1. She needed a recovery ride. I rode Beech on TR for an hour. So proud of her my heart bursts. She is really killing it with the adulting thing. Texted her brother who started college and her sister who is a senior in college. Both are in the swing of it.
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