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Yo Sake 04-29-2017 02:15 PM

Last weekend in April - workouts!
Wow, April is almost gone!

First time in a long time to get in 3000m, yay me! No club mates showed up at my pool. Following a written workout makes so much easier to get the distance in, for sure. Headed to the breakfast joint but nobody showed up :(. I knew the main pool our club swims was closed but I was expecting swimmers from other pool to be there. Turned out they headed out to their own secret place (closer to their pool)...

FIB DS's track meet. He ran the second event, right in the middle and will run the very last event....ugh. Walked 40min between the events. Still lots of waiting (in cold 50'd..)

zojmn151 04-29-2017 04:58 PM

yo - nice on the swim and good luck to DS!

Today our town celebrated earth day, so my GS troop - which ended up being my daughter and my co-leader - cleaned up the streets near my house and collected returnables in an effort to raise funds for our end of the year trip. We earned $25 today! lol

Went to "packet" pick up and tomorrow is the Tarentino 5K in honor of an Auburn police officer who was gunned down a little over a year ago.

SB - ouchie!! Hope all your appointments go well next week!

regiolanthe 04-30-2017 12:54 PM

59 mile ride yesterday ... Well ... 55ish plus 4ish riding to/from start. Nice ride towards the south ... fewer riders than expected though ... Touched into Fremont - DougEFresh's old stomping grounds... Nothing today other than dog walking, watching the Celts, errands...

Can't remember the last time I went swimming! So yes ... good for you, Yo ... They have a really nice outdoor pool here in town ... So should try to hit it up a few times this summer...

It used to be a single big pool built as a WPA (post great depression) project in the late 30's.

Ended up too expensive to maintain, so they closed it down for a few years and built the new one. It's also heated ... so outdoor season starts a little earlier/ends a bit later.

Yo Sake 04-30-2017 04:51 PM

zoj - hope you had a fun time running 5K!
Geo - nice ride! And what a gorgeous pool, and it belongs to a city? Heated (expensive)! With the plenty of space for leisure swimming, why don't they put lanes for lap swimming on the left side?
The city we lived near Cleveland Ohio had a nice pool, so when we moved here, we were so disappointed they didn't have one. There is a great 50m pool in city of Detroit.. about 40min from where I live. It is empty every time I go there. wish it was closer. The leisure pool next to it is always packed, though.

6mile on trail with DH before the rain started. Now the hammy is a bit tight/sore. Ugh.

regiolanthe 04-30-2017 09:07 PM

Yo - Not sure of exact ownership, but I think it's officially managed by UNH (even though it's mainly townspeople who use it during the summer months). In the picture of the old pool, that hangar-like building was part of the old gym (was the old ice hockey/basketball arena). Now they have an additional rec/fitness area overlooking the pool (I think ... I haven't actually been since it opened). I'm pretty sure they will have the left-hand area set up for lap swimming a good part of the day. DD's going to be guarding here for the summer, so she can give me all the details :)

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