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Tuesday, October 4 Workouts

Commute day for me ... 18 in and 20+ home for 38+ on the day. Pleasant morning (warmer than I expected), but sort of meandered in (hi-16s). I'm blaming it on construction and traffic stops

Usual walk at lunch.

Had to drive in yesterday ... needed to get car registered/plated at the town hall...

Weekend was just a slugfest ...Long ride canceled 'cos of rain. Watched a bunch of movies, did stuff around house, but mostly slothed-up for pre-winter...

Congrats on the race, Thor! Loved your enthusiasm - and your good samaritan-hood.
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Geo - too early for sloth-ing! We must fight the urge of hibernation inspired eating.
Thor - So happy that you had such a great weekend of activity!
Ronbo - how are you feeling? Surgery go okay?
MQ - did I miss a recap?! How was Wineglass?! Rest well, make ice cream, what's next?
Zoj - are you doing surgery too? Or did I dream that?
Yoshiko - it sounds like everyone is starting to adjust to DD being at college.

Short and speedy 3.2mi yesterday, strength work today. I'm actually really excited about this weekend's race. Not that I think I will have some break through performance or anything, just excited to be in a different city running with a ton of people. This will be the biggest race I've been in a long time. The kids are excited to go on the airplane...
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Good afternoon, TEAM LIT!

Reg: Thought of you over the weekend. Figured your rides would be cancelled. It was downright raw. I actually did yardwork in that stuff when I could. If I wasn't moving hard stuff, it would have been very raw.

Zoj: Thanks for thinking of me, and agreed on the sad day that is taking the boat out of the water. I don't have a boat, but for me fall comes, summer ends, when I go from wearing shorts full time to back to pants. This year since I did not have any fancy dress up events, I went from I think mid May until last week without ever putting on a pair of pants... it was just shorts all the time! Sad day. I get it.

Sparty: Very excited for you for the weekend. Your run today was probably a result of your enthusiasm. Keep it up, and glad the kids are excited to fly. Every time a Disney video/show is on TV, we talk about going to see Mickey one day. My oldest gets fussy and says he doesn't want to see Mickey. Ever. Mickey isn't fun. When I ask why (and I know the answer) he says because he doesn't want to fly. Ever.

I was hoping to rebound from the weekend and do some running, but that didn't happen. I did struggle through nearly 2 miles running this morning, but it was an illness plagued plod. I actually ran the first mile with the usual gang before falling off hard. Walked a lot after that. Maybe tomorrow at noon I'll run again, or try.

Great day, friends!
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Nothing yet for me. Bike trainer easy 45 on schedule that will try to get to when I get home. Work is incredibly busy. Quick turnaround for laundry too since we leave for the canyon early saturday a.m.

Sparty: PR. Will try to comment later on it. Just keeping head above water this week.
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MQ - yeah I saw a happy smile picture ! PR!!!!!!!! Want to know more!

Busy day. Not enjoying whole a lot to constantly remind DS about him being junior!!

40min walk during lunch. And just came back from 2500m swim and now recovering from it while wathing the debate. Appears to be much more like a "debate".
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I got in a good ride on the trainer.. some harder work with a few very hard pops.

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