Friday, Sept. 30 - WORKOUTS! -
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Friday, Sept. 30 - WORKOUTS!

Think about this: tomorrow is October!

RonBo: Good luck. We're all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Yo: That rain is now in New England! I just ordered 5 yards of soil that will, sadly, soak up all of the rain. I'll use the soil on Sunday to redo a good chunk of the backyard.

I am now 3 pulses (3 x 3 weeks) into my antibiotic treatment. I begin week 4 on Monday. They say if you have bacteria, such as Lyme and like coinfections, infested in your body, it takes 4 to 5 pulses before most people start noticing a different. For me it is too early to say, but I do think it is working. Although I cannot run in the early mornings (such as this morning; I just had no energy to run and my body was anything but ready to do it), I do feel I am better able to do it as the day goes on, such as yesterday when I ran a mile on the TM. I'm going easy, but not really because I am being smart (though I am) but more because the illness guides what I can and cannot do. I will try to run 5 to 6 miles tomorrow morning around 10 am. So we'll see. My overall energy feels better, which is the most important thing.

Great day and weekend, friends!
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Thor - It's good to at least see you running a bit.

Ronbo, just lay there and relax

Me: I'm going to ride the trainer or run tonight. I pulled the trigger on IM Mont Tremblant for next year, but I need to start training. I hurt my neck the other day, so it's sucked, but it's mostly better.. just need to be smart for a bit.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

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Another commute day. 20+ in, and probably short home (10+) - judging by the weather...

No wildlife to speak of, although there was a hawk flying up from the ground both yesterday and today...

Thor - Fingers crossed. I think I have residual effects from Lyme - but not enough to do that full treatment with all the antibiotics. Seems like a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario.

Looking forward to a lazy, rainy weekend ... Not that I haven't been lazy enough this week. Just can't get motivated to hit the onsite gym or get up and Nordic Track on those days I'm not commuting ... Need the cold to set in more and pounds to set on more, I guess.

Nice to see you back, AdCo...

Great weekend all...
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Thor - gReat to hear your energy is up! Boy, you work hard on your house/yard!
AdCo - good to see you! Another IM.... how many now? Hats off to you staying motivated!
Geo - getting wet and cold and dark... huh? Stay safe. I share with you a lack of motivation part...

5.5miles in rain. Felt good to run a bit faster (and able) thx to a complete rest yesterday. Speaking of wildlife sight, the other day when I was riding mtb on a dirt road, this critter (couldn't tell what it was, it was golden brown, too bright and too big for squirrel) ran across in front of the tire just by an inch. What a suicidal mission. He had ALL day to cross the street ya know....

DD is coming home tonight (HS's homecoming, plus she wants to go to REI garage sale tomorrow...). Her laundry is coming back as well.....
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As yes, the return of the college laundry!! Lol - I don't really mind it for some reason...

Ronbo - thinking of you!

Adco - IM Tremblant - whoa - I would love to do the HIM there some day...take care of that neck!

Geo - i encountered 5 HUGE tom turkeys yesterday on my way back to work from lunch. they were just hanging out on someone ones yard, watching the traffic go by.

Short run last night. Legs were feeling the squats and lunges I did on Wednesday - legs didn't want to get out of their own way! it was pretty ugly, BUT my legs feel SO much better today...phew.

45 min on the trainer today watching Rocky marathon...

tomorrow I have to go to a contractor's site and watch them tear down an the!
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Was passenger on drive to NY for marathon.
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4:30 surgery. So much for doing a sprint, decided to go for the extended version.

thanks for the well wishes, recovery has been tough but nothing i cannot handle. will try to blog the details, got some really good advice from others - so I want to share with the world!

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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