Thursday, July 21 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, July 21 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Julie: Welcome back. Please stay!!!

Having a re-occurrence of a few not so good symptoms. Occasional pain in my side, sometimes accompanied with nausea. Had it checked out last year. That's when I learned how bad some doctors can be. A bummer because this, when bad, is the one symptom that impacts my life. So far no impact, but definite pain. I'm told these things aren't uncommon for my condition. I see doctors (plural) next week. So unless it gets worse, I'll just bring it up then.


Walk. Had a few steps jogging. But legs too heavy and sustained energy not there.

Great day, friends!
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Thor - But so glad you keep trying...I keep you on my right shoulder all the time...keeps me out there as well and helps me when I start to doubt I *should* do something!

TT - my point was that tears are more common than you think and a good majority of the time they are asymptomatic and don't amount to anything. But, yeah, in general, sux to get older (and I am sure I am much older than you!)

T-2 until vacation!! Heading to VA for the week with 2 days in DC...of course the two days in DC the temps are going to be close to 100...ugh.

EXCELLENT ride last night. There is a 20.6 mile "loop" if you will by our house...I say "loop" because to look at it on mapmyride, it more resembles a "T"...that has wide shoulders and some nice long straight aways that allow you to relax and there are some climbs thrown in for variety. Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out as I left, as I was really tired when I got home (kind of like a sugar crash tired) so headed out and figured I would just take it easy if I didn't physically feel good. But felt GREAT! I did some climbs a good 1.5 mph faster than typical and I didn't feel like I was really working hard. did the loop in the fastest time for this year and one of my fastest EVER...1:12:58 for an avg pace of 16.9! AND there is the infamous cow hill at the end which I *never* get up any faster than low 5s (yes, you read that right)...last night I avg 6 mph up the thing!

Today? hitting the pool...need to get ready for Cranberry next month with MQ!
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Hey Thor... LRR and not just John. LRR... LRR...

Me, first run in weeks. Went to track as I am under orders to not run on anything downhill until I see hip Doc (tommorow) Hip seemed ok but major tightness. 30s run 1:30 walk. Felt ok except the 93 degree heat index at 8am! BOO

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Thor- I am sorry to hear this news.

Zoj- You're right in that I didn't think it was that common.

Julie- Great to see you!

As for me- I've apparently pissed off my ankle. Hmmmmmm, it's been pissing me off for months so all I can say to it is suck it up! HA HA!!! I joke, but seriously, since last week I've been having quite a bit of lingering soreness and stiffness. So I'm backing way off this week. Today I'll go swim and then go for a walk.
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Juggled too many balls yesterday and dropped the ball that said Pilates. Back at it today though with day 14 (lower body), I'm 12 for 14 which is the most consistent I've been in quite some time. Also did 2.25mi run while the kids were at tennis.

MQ - be careful, I may call you from Logan.

Oh, and I entered the Twin Cities 10 mile lottery on a whim (SIL lives out there) and got in. Looks like I have a race in October!
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Zo: Nice ride, congrats on the training PR!
Thor: So sorry to see that things are on the downhill now. I hope it gets better for you.
Sparty: Congrats on getting into a groove, especially with all the change in your life now. The schedule is probably helping you stay sane Just a guess~

Burn Intervals with Chalene today. Great total body workout.
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Ronbo good to see you got out for a run and I hope the hip checks out! Thor I hope things ease up! Sparty a new goal race ) sparty on! Tri-tammy tell that ankle to suck it up! Well ankles are tricky things aren't they

Well I have had a week and a half not travelling very far. I did have a trip to Irvine yesterday which is only a few hours in traffic (and traffic was present). I also got a dental check up and cleaning while I was there (my local dentist is gone and I'm behind). I also got an a/c unit for my office while I was there (none available locally).

So I hope to weather the summer heat waves easier with a not sweltering office (even had a day when electronics were shutting down due to heat last summer)

For workouts, I'm keeping the daily walk "streak" alive. I had the crazy pod swim sunday along with an intense yoga class, Monday was 2 long hill walks of @ 3 miles each. Tuesday a sunset ow swim @ 2 miles leaving yesterday to have only the walk. Today is looking like another evening swim as the day's activities are tugging at me. I've been enjoying getting a lot done starting very early in the day but wonder if I would be more lively in the day if I swam first..

My bike is looking mournful on the wall but its very HOT here now so maybe it can wait another week or 2?
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Thor - keeping fingers crossed for some new ideas from the doc visits next week
Zoj - yay to the solid ride and T-2 vacay!
Sparty - woohoo new target race!
TT - ankle is indeed a tricky joint. Hope it calms down quickly
SB - no travel and seems like a lot got done!
Ron - yay to running!
Julie - your consistency and interesting workouts are awosome

35min of OWS. Pretty refeeshing in this heat. I got my ankle looked at by my PT. Not a typical rolled ankle but basically the same.. some ligaments were pulled/stretched. I'm amazed how long the area has been puffy and warm to touch.
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Nice ride, Zoj!

Thor - Dang. Feel better!

Commute day for me ... 40+ R/T. Morning was moderately quick (hi 18s). Way back felt like a slug (mid 15s). Not sure why I have no homeward bound energy lately. I'd blame it on the wind, but it wasn't too bad.

Poor dog had his first bad run-in with nature on his nightly walk...

Off to the vet tomorrow
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yikes, what is that?
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Originally Posted by Yo Sake View Post
yikes, what is that?
Porcupine quills. Dog is very prey-driven. Was taking him out for his nightly constitutional (leashed), and he lunged into some undergrowth at the side of our driveway... Came out looking like that ...
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I had a response that was just eaten.

16 miles. 14 then acupuncture then 2 on elliptical. fell on trail about 5 or so miles in. left calf with HUGE bruise and left knee all cut. No real damage.
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