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Weekend Workouts: April 30 - May 1

tomorrow is May 1 - can you believe it?!?! Where the heck did April go??

Spent the day walking about Mt. Tom State Reservation with my girl scout troop - geocaching....it was fun and a beautiful day for it!

Tomorrow is a color run - hoping the rain holds off!
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Zoj - is your DD in your troop? Hat off to you for volunteering!

Early AM 2050m swim. My Tri club friends were there already when I got to the pool. Much easier to get in the training mode with somebody /a written workout! Thx Carol and Ann!

Then took my tri bike to get to DS's track meet. Thanks to my poor biking shape and headwind, it took 1:20 to ride 18miles or something (computer had no battery). And missed his 4x800 relay. He had a good 1600m. 5:02, a fresh PR! In the slower heat of 2, he lead the whole race. On the final lap two kids were about pass him but he accelerated and took the first.
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Sounds like DS has a good season ahead, Yoshi!

Didn't make it up to ride with the Bagelry crew (slept in), but did ride a solo 48 mile loop. The b-crew were doing 3000 ft or so of climbing; I thought a nice flat beach ride was in order for me A bit windy one way, but nice tailwind up the coast - so felt fast (even though I wasn't). About a 16 mph avg for the ride ... My ass is not in biking shape yet (along with the rest of me).

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Way to get out and get your body in a biking shape, Geo!

6miles with DH then 1-hr Yoga class, which totally kicked my arse. I don't even know when I went the class last time. I was planning to do 40mile dirt road with GIRLBIKERS as a part of Deteoit Metro Tour, but the weather was iffy and I was concerned that I wooldnt be able to keep up with them/enjoy the ride, so I skipped. Yeah right decision.

One more drama before May 1 (college decision deadline) - totally something I wish it didn't happen - DD got accepted by New York Univ. Tisch School /Drama. We all knew we wouldn't pay 70k/yr, but letting this top school/her dream choice go must be hard for her... Well that's life.
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Yoshi: So sorry about the drama related to Tish for DD. I can only imagine the heartbreak/ache.
Geo: Way to get out there on your own.
zoj: Geocaching does sound like a good time. Sat weather was beautiful.

Sat: 30ish ride at 17+ mph. Flatted at 19 miles in but was able to change tube and move on. FIB 2 mile run at amazingly fast pace 9:08 then 8:41 splits. Clearly I need to bike before every run. cannot remember if I did butt challenge or not. Pretty sure I did chiro exercises.
Sun: 7.2 mile run FIB breakfast with N1, N2, Kitty and Moe. Great day! chiso exercises and some butt work and new challenge for arms has begun.
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