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Boston 2016 - RR

For those who didn't see my post about the Boston on FB, here it is. Also I added some mile splits/HR so you can see how my day deteriorated.

Thanks for sending your warm wishes to my way in Boston two days ago. What a tough day. It was my longest marathon ever (except Maui for which David and I did for fun). In spite of having one of the best training cycles, the day threw me a few challenges and I pretty much surrendered to the pain, discomfort and discouragement. I might have eaten and drunk too much for 6hrs leading to the race start (so not used to start at 10:50am after getting up at 4:30am). Warmer temp (around 70F) than I was trained under. Plus my tendency of swallowing too much air as I took more drink while running at a higher effort went worse, and all these contributed to gas buildup in my system. This always leads to not being able to run comfortably (less oxygen absorption). I walked so much. To reach to the half point at Boston usually is relatively easy thanks to overall downhills. But I was having issues well before that. I kept struggling to put one foot in front of the other after 13. My legs were shut and I started taking walk breaks.. felt so defeated. The only thing that gave me some smiles and strength to at least resume shuffling was the amazing amount of support of the crowd. They responded every time I responded to their loud encouragement and started running (if you can call that) and giving high-fives. I was determined not to walk on Boylston St. It was the longest stretch I ran during the last 6miles.
It is still a very memorable return to the Boston Marathon after so much did change since the race 3yrs ago. It was the biggest support I have ever seen in my 4 races here. " Boston Strong" was felt everywhere. I was happy and proud of being a part of this great race and a witness and recipient of the strong pride and support of the community. Thank you, Boston Marathon.

M1 - 8:25 (157)
M2 – 8:22 (162)
M3 – 8:16 (162)
M4 – 8:20 (163) – I was fully aware of the higher-than-it-should-be HR. Rate of perceived effort was relatively low, so I decided to just keep going.
M5 – 8:30 (165)
M6 – 8:19 (164)
M7 – 8:19 (164)
M8 – 8:27 (163)
M9 – 8:29 (161) – thinking ‘what the F is this already so hard????’
M10- 8:40 (161)
M11- 8:46 (150)
M12- 8:50 (154)
M13- 9:18 (152) – felt like I was done for the day. Knew it would be a long day. How in the world am I going to run another half marathon distance was all what I was thinking...
M14- 9:45 (147)
M15-10:23 (142)
M16-10:57 (132)
M17-11:25 (141)
M18- 9:57 (153)
M19- 9:52 (150)
M20-11:10(148 )
M26-17:32( 99)
M26.2-2:49 (119)

It clearly shows I was already struggling by mile 10. You may wonder what happened to M18-19. Somewhere before 17mile marker, the trapped air in my system got burped out in a big way. And I felt better, though the legs were totally trashed by then. But at least I didn’t feel awful. So I ran for a few miles and a good thing is during that time Monica/Cheryl/Felicia saw me RUNNING! Of course, that didn’t last long. Gas started building back up again and I felt awful. I really wanted to stop and stick my fingers in my throat (that’s the only way I learned I sometimes could force the air out), but there were literally no places to do such a thing, thanks to the huge crowd.

I took approx. 1200 calories and 60oz of liquid between 4:30am after I woke up and 10:50am start. Not sure if what was too much or not.

I really enjoyed the training leading to the marathon. And I am happy that this was the 3rd time I was able to train for a marathon without getting hurt, thanks to the plan I followed. So, though the day didn't turn out the way I hoped, I am happily closing this chapter of my endeavor.

Thanks for having being a cyber partner of my running!
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I was tracking online and kept hoping you weren't hurt! I know how frustrating the trapped air has been over the years; wish I had some magical advice.

Congrats on another Boston, now go hit the single track!
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Congrats on gutting this out. I know it wasn't easy, and please remember that everybody lost time but for a select few and most tanked. It was hot, and most people weren't prepared for that, and unless you live in Florida or some such climate you'll never really be prepared for that.

As for you, I don't know what your HR usually are, but I would imagine you lost your race right here:

M3 – 8:16 (162)
M4 – 8:20 (163) – I was fully aware of the higher-than-it-should-be HR. Rate of perceived effort was relatively low, so I decided to just keep going.
M5 – 8:30 (165)
M6 – 8:19 (164)
M7 – 8:19 (164)

Running a marathon for time is a about pace. Running a marathon to what you are capable is more about HR, where pace is an artifact. These HRs, on the surface to an untrained eye, seem as if you went out too hard even if it felt easy. Remember that you are trained to keep pounding for a period at fast paces. That's what speed work does. But if the HR is pegged, you only have a road that will run so far.

As I thought about this and especially you, I had a thought. Do you get through most of your long runs regarding the gas build up without issue or with far less an issue than during racing?

If so, I bet that if you took to starting your marathons at an easier pace so that your HR is more in control, I bet that would set you up for a strong finish, especially with your training and what you had under your belt. I was actually very inspired for you by your training and how well it went, though I did worry in the last month and a half because it was unmistakable that you were pounded and not exactly resting as could have been.

Either way, I am very proud of you for sticking this out and having some fun out there, because as you know, Boston is a very special course that not a lot of people get to experience for all of it's glory, including running and racing hard AND enjoying the atmosphere. Congrats on getting to the starting, and a big congrats on finishing.
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Congrats Yoshiko and so, so wonderful to meet you in person.

You did what you could when you could. I wonder the same things as Thor re: gas buildup in training versus racing. I suspect there may be something to the atmosphere of a race if you do not have this at all when training.
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Great job sticking it out Yoshiko!!!!!

I also was thinking about the differences between your training days and your race days. I know for me it's all tied to my HR. The race seems easy because of the adrenaline but when that wears off, my HR skyrockets and then I'm spending the rest of the race suffering. My best HM, was one that my pace and HR had not dips or spikes.
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Well done, Yoshi - and sorry it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. No brilliant insight about the race ... brutal day for racing for sure, but happy that you came through the training and the race healthy, strong in spirit, and ready to take on the endeavor again. And echoing Sparty, go hit the single track and do what you love! You've earned it. Geo.
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Thanks all for your warm words and thoughts.

I do have a very good idea with where my HRs are at a given effort under different circumstances. So looking back, when I saw my HR in 160 and quickly creeping up to mid 160's, I really should have put a brake on my effort. That's like my 2-mile repeat HR and I knew I wouldn't be able to sustain such HR for a marathon. Blame the race day adrenaline and an illusion of "race day magic"... My body is only capable of doing things that is trained to do.

As for trapped air issue during training runs, no, that doesn't happen. Major diff is I don't eat and drink much before a run. Also the longest race pace run is 12 miles (middle 10 is at the race pace), I usually take just a few sips if that here and there. So way too short to simulate the real race feeling. This discomfort has started bothering me even during a normal day to day life. After drinking water or eating food, I often get the same feeling. I am working on taking in things slowly, chewing more, and even consciously breathing in deeper and through my nose and all that.
This issue limits me from taking enough hydration and calories, and consequently, doing long distance races is no fun. Speaking of it, I carried 4 gu's during the race, but I took only 1....

I am planning to make more conscious effort during meal times to figure out what I'm doing wrong to cause excess air intake. Maybe more mindful yoga breathing during a workout. I am also planning to bring this up at a next Doc visit.

Again, thanks for your support and help. And it was great to see Thor, Mike, Adam, Monica and Cheryl again. And happy to finally meet MQ!
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