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Thursday, Apr. 14 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Reg: Congrats to DD. Big step forward there. At least you can start framing your mind around the shuttle service you'll need to provide.

Yo: Hang tough with all the busy-ness you have in store over the next week. See you at MJ's, if not sooner.

Zoj: Good luck with inspection!

Sparty: Good luck to you too, with inspection results AND the offer. And way to get in the run. Keep it up. You're in great position to build for your race.

Flip: Congrats on the job front, and way to get out there for that run.

SB: Good luck with the "doc tricks"


3.5 mile sluggish run early this morning that did not at all feel good in body. Going to ignore this run and how I felt, and the one yesterday, and the one the day before, and continue to pretend that I turn into Superman when the hour pushes beyond 9 am as I will need on Marathon Monday. I think I can, I think I can, I know I will, I know I will.

Great day, friends!
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Geo - I'm sorry to hear about DW, but congrats to DD in the meantime.
MQ - I am failing with the butt challenge. I get distracted easily. Squirrel!
EmCo - You are killin' it! Nice work.
YoSake - Breathe, relax, enjoy and have fun with the whirlwind trip.
Zoj - Glad the condo buying is going well; we are not having that kind of luck.
Thor - I think you can, I think you can, I think you can.

Nothing yet today, likely a strength workout today. I'm all fidgety. Multiple counters, unreasonable requests, unprofessional buying agent, backup offer is looking at another property. All in all I am not having a great morning. But I have my health. And my kids are happy and safe. Perspective.
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Originally Posted by SpartyGirl View Post
I'm all fidgety. Multiple counters, unreasonable requests, unprofessional buying agent, backup offer is looking at another property. All in all I am not having a great morning. But I have my health. And my kids are happy and safe. Perspective.
Hang in there, girl. It's a dog eat dog world of these agents. Even your own agent is against you in that they have vested interests. They want to bring two parties together (a buyer and a seller) and then get both sides to cave (or have one side cave a lot if another will not) in whatever way they can to push the deal forward. Sorry you're dealing with this.

When we went through this a year and a half ago, we put an offer in on a house that had one of the most ruthless agents in the area. We knew going in the agent would try to extract as much money out of us as possible -- and she eventually did -- and that she would play us -- she most definitely did. So what we did was we enlisted the same agent to sell our home if she would reduce selling fees and force the deal through. As much as I liked to believe this helped us because of this, it helped in a slightly different way than planned. She totally pushed us to the edge in our money offer and then some in our offer. She totally played us to get us to move higher and higher. All we got from that was in the end a reduced fee on our own home being sold. And that's where she totally helped us, because not only was our % much lower (she took half what she normally does) she also sold our house in like two days for top dollar -- at least $20K more than we would have accepted. We feel okay about it because she talked us up $15K on the house we put an offer in on. So really it was a wash. Meanwhile, the boiler blew. But that's another story.

Hang tough, Sparty.
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Sparty-I will go the other way than Thor on the house thing. Its a business transaction don't let those agents and the frenzy make you think you have to make THIS deal. They may make you feel like you just have to get it over with but you are an endurance athlete you can endure and see the big picture. Look at all those offers, there is someone who will buy your house at the right price so if this deal is going sour you can move on (in due process and time) and it WILL get sold. Delays cost something but in the overall cost of houses, its not a big deal. On my last house the agents made all those noises (your bid is to low you'll lose, its embarrassing etc I fired her and got someone else) I got the house at a slightly lower price a few weeks later after other offers fell through. This has happened to me with a number of large purchases. I even held up closing 24 hours because the contract wasn't exactly right and I refused to "just let it go" this later turned out to have been very important (when the mortgage co went out of business) . FIgure out what you need and don't let go!

Meanwhile workouts, well today has an awkward set of meetings so I am hoping for an evening ride, haven't' been on the bike for a while. The endless physical complaints and cold are all starting to lift!
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Afternoon all ...

First, thanks for kind words RE DD and DW. I'm generally an optimist - so sure something will work out. Budget is okay in the short run (house paid off, only a few more car payments etc, 529 plans for college etc). Even so, always a bit jarring to be down to one salary, but we've been there before (and no doubt will be there again!). And yes, very nice to have the college situation settled. DD had her heart set on Maryland, so glad it seems manageable (probably at the stretch end of manageable, but still...).

@sbee - DD says she gave up competitive swimming with this past high school season. Thought she might have had D1 potential before her leg issues, but she's closed the book on it in the last few years. She hopes to do some guarding at UMD, and will probably swim to keep in shape. I tried to convince her of college club swimming as an option, but so far she's having none of it ... however, like you, I think she's a water-child at heart and will continue in some form for life!

Sparty - Sorry about the house stress. Breathe.

Lunch run with Kevin - about 9:10 pace. Still feeling kind of crappy, so maybe not the best idea to go out and suck in more pollen - but it felt good at the time.

Great day all.

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Sbee - I will be taking your advice to heart as well (re: house buying/selling)...we haven't bought anything in 23 years, so this whole condo thing is showing how everything has changed. We have a good realtor working for us, is a friend of DH coworker and seems to be an honest and straightforward kind of guy. Inspection today (should be done by now)...we'll see if anything comes of it.

hit the gym for upper body weights at lunch and need to get on the trainer tonight after getting DD to work.

Sparty - I agree with Geo...breathe...that's what I am doing! lol

Geo - congrats to DD and good luck to DW! One of the reasons I won't take a contract job...too much stress for me.

Thor - I love your attitude!!

Waving to everyone else!
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Waving and hugging. It feels like a big hug kinda day.

Sparty: I'm with SBee on the house thing. It is a business transaction. B and I walked on a few bidding wars because it wasn't worth it. We almost walked on this house too because there was no way I was paying what they wanted. We have financial goals we want to achieve and will not be dissuaded from them. Thor is right in that there is no neutral party for realtors. We were in lucky in that we found a fabulous guy we used for all sides of our transaction but he is RARE. F that noise. You know what you need and want makes sense for you and the fam. Stick with it. It is never as dire as they want you to believe. I also think the 'they will be insulted' thing is stupid. Be insulted over something worthwhile like insulting my mother. Everything else is BS.
SBee: Rock on Girl!!
Geo: DW DD good to see you running again friend. Will try to bike with you once start up again. May do a north trip again with gang.
Yoshi: See you sunday!!! Hugs for you!!
Zoj: Same thing as to Sparty. Way to keep weights in there for workouts.
EmCo: You are killing it! Loved the book comment too on the joy post. I just read a few like that that were completely free on BookBub.

6.11 miles in just over an hour with Lana and Denise. Included 1.5-2 miles of trail in there as well. Wanted to do weights too but crazy weird middle of weird time obligations plus dinner plans with bro is going to keep that from happening I think. Still need chiro exercises and butt challenge.
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You guys are so sweet. I actually really like our agents (using one for buying and one for selling). We are in a much better mental space this afternoon and things are progressing well. We aren't afraid to walk away if need be though, as selling is a want for us not an absolute need (though it will be really nice for DH to be home for dinner most nights!). Put in an offer on a house today that looks like it will be accepted tonight, so we march on. Still breathing.
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Ohhh Sparty, I am waiting for good news soon! Hey if not, however, something will work out. It will!!

3.5mile. Boy, I feel like crap. Nothing new here before a marathon. Ran way too fast and felt really hard. I am an idiot. Once I hit the road super early tomorrow AM (like 4:30am), I will have more time to relax, I think.
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