Thursday, Apr. 7 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, Apr. 7 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Geo: Nice pace yesterday!!!

Yo: Re: " Is your body not responding to the med as it did originally? Or changed?" To jog your memory, I was put on medication for a month. It's goal was to hopefully kick start my body. Doctor wanted to see how I responded, but the medication is more serious and you don't stay on it long. That ended about 2 to 3 weeks ago, and so although the medication worked I am now sliding back very gradually with some symptoms, especially in the early mornings. The goal was to kick start my body and see how it went. If it went well, I will likely respond to the next phase of treatment, but that will purposely not start, if at all, until a month after going off the kick start meds. The next appointment for me is the week after the Boston Marathon. I'm still hopeful that I get to answer the doctor's question of, "so, how'd the kick start go?" with "Awesome, believe it or not, I ran the Boston Marathon." But I need to be clear that the sluggishness in the mornings is coming back.

Tamster: Way to get back to consistency!


5 mile run early this morning. Felt MUCH better than previous mornings, and my pace reflected this, though my body was still sluggish (just not as bad) and legs heavy.

Great day, friends!
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So nice to see so many familiar names!

We verbally accepted an offer on our house last night, but now it seems to be taking forever to get the paperwork (both our realtor and DH and I are getting frustrated and antsy). It makes me wonder if we picked the wrong offer. This process is not for the faint of heart (me!). We also put an offer on a house yesterday and found out we didn't get it. Meanwhile I'm supposed to be writing a paper and I can't concentrate for more than 10 minutes...ARGH.

I hope you all are having a more relaxing morning!
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Sparty- I cannot imagine trying to sell and buy a house with little ones AND going to school. This process is maddening!

Thor- You are in my thoughts often. I love your strength and whenever I start throwing my own little pity party about not being able to run I think about you and everyone else I know that is battling something that is keeping them (or trying to keep them) down and out. Hang tough dude!

My coughing was wildly out of control last night so I bagged the swim as I didn't see that working out well. I did go for a casual walk which was nice. And the bonus was that I had no ankle swelling or stiffness or residual soreness this morning. Could it be that my weeks of asthma actually helped me slow down enough to heal?
I'm planning on the pool this afternoon but as my coach and I discussed yesterday- play it by ear and do what I can do.

This evening I am attending the second part of a class that I am taking with a sports nutritionist/physiologist. Interestingly enough, I clearly do NOT eat enough carbs at all in my diet. It's not horrible if I'm not working out. As soon as I really start getting at it again, I really need to figure this out. I'm glad I've had this opportunity though... it's helped me get at why my energy is so low in my afternoon workouts.

Happy Thursday peeps!
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drive by\

Happy Thursday! nice workouts, people.

Swam last night. Run tonight.

drive by\
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Sparty - One day this too shall pass. Hang in there!

I need some of your non-carb willpower (or eating genes), Tammy. Myself - think it's about time I put effort into cutting excess sugar out of my diet ... I'm sure I could wean off sugar in coffee and on cereal with a little bit of self-discipline!

Easy 30 minutes on elliptical for me (high RPM, low resistance) to loosen up legs, followed by 1 mile brisk (12:50) walk on the treadmill ...

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Thx Thor for refreshing my memory. The timing of the whole thing sounds really challenging with your Boston right in the middle.. Hopefully the Boston start, which is not too early, helps.
TT - sorry to hear you are suffering from this sickness then coughing for so long. Sounds interesting about the nutrition info. Carbs - I think I eat WAY TOO MUCH. Rice, pasta, bread...ugh.
Sparty - hang in there. You are doing great!
Geo - nice run yesterday, speedy!

8miles including 6miles at MP. Felt WAAAAAY too hard than it should be. How in the world will I run 26.2miles at this pace.. But I know I asked this question many MANY times before my 10 marathons. So it will be ok. I am at the max fatigue right now (just started cutting down). It will get better. Trust the training.....

Booked a flight to NYC next Friday for an admitted student visit for/with DD. Fri-Sat there and then to Boston. I am totally stressed out.
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Hi gang!
spent the day in NH for work , so no pool this week. phooey....hopped on the trainer for 35 min and did some ab work...that's about it.

Condo - moving up...inspection! eek!
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em73 and I went to the Y and ran on the treadmill together.. well not the same treadmill, but next to each-other.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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Morning all.
10 marathons, Yoshiko? Wow, of course you'll do it again. But yes, how? is always the scary question leading up to it when you're mentally and physically tired from training. You are set!
Ok, so this goes back years, but niw im confused - aren't Geo and Reg one in the same? Sorry, I'm only on my first cup of coffee!
Tired all day. Thursday's are always hard, feel like end of the week for me. Lost my 5.5 yr old son in the grocery store for 5 heart stopping minutes. Thankful beyond words for the folks who helped him to customer service where he remembered my full name so they called me on the loud speaker. So scary to think he could have been out the door with someone in less than a minute.
So, no workout for me today.
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Originally Posted by BethR View Post
Ok, so this goes back years, but niw im confused - aren't Geo and Reg one in the same? Sorry, I'm only on my first cup of coffee!
a) Sorry about the scare. and 5.5! Talk about going back years....

b) Yes. My nom de plume (Regiolanthe) comes from a favorite TV/book character (Reginald Iolanthe Perrin) ... but a slightly more stodgy George Edward in reality ...

Took me several years to give up online anonymity - but I figure you folk are probably okay.

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Can't believe I did not post yesterday.

Sparty: YOU GOT THIS!! I felt they same way about the first offer we accepted last year and it did fall through but wound up having the second one be better than the first.
Yoshiko: Trust your training. I signed up for wineglass. Hip/Butt issue getting better every day.
Geo: you'll be biking soon. I miss biking outside.
Thor: Keep advocating for you. My meds are my lifeline.
Beth: Cannot imagine the heart attack you had. Glad all is well.
Em: Drive by made me LOL
AdCo: Loved the FB post of the 2 of you.
TT: Everything happens for a reason. Keep healing.

Ran 6 miles with the peeps before the rain. Got in some trail. Was finishing at 5.85 miles and Denise was like we have to get to 6 and finish on an even number so we all did that. Great running peeps! Slower pace with trail and stayed with Denise who is just coming back from injury. Felt I had more at the end and that is good mentally for me. Did yoga class in the pm. Also butt challenge and chiro exercises.
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