Wednesday, April 6 - halfway to the weekend! -
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Wednesday, April 6 - halfway to the weekend!

or it will be at noon.

threw myself enthusiastically and unreservedly into my workouts last night and was rewarded with two pretty awesome sessions. 3000 yard swim (MS 20x100 alternating fast/short rest with easy/20ish seconds of rest), followed not so immediately by a 90 minute bike (including 60 minutes at 75-ish% of FTP broken up with 10 15 second sprints).

hope your Wednesdays are smooth sailing!
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Good Morning!

60' at masters good for 2400m. Mix of short IM stuff with 3 choice swims on 4:30.
Trainer time later!

Ran 45' last night.
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

I absolutely love the energy of yesterday's daily bread thread and around here in general. Welcome back, peeps! Let's keep it up.

Yo: Way to stay persistent in getting that workout done. That right there is among the reasons why you are where you are (a fast runner getting set for Boston). Not many of us are "naturals"; we work hard to achieve our goals, and from the outside it appears as if you are naturally gifted. But most people do not see that 2 hour search for a track! While you're away on business! Nicely done.

Tammy: Thx for passing along word. Such a bummer about Barb's brother. She used to make frequent trips to spend time with him, because she knew this day would come. Sad how it all unfolded with her story occurring first.

MoCo: Absolutely great thought yesterday. Thanks for sharing it. You know my running streak? The reason I do it is exactly the thought you conveyed, that each day is special, and it's my way of celebrating that fact.

MQ: I see the doctor again the week after Boston, and I'm sure we will talk about the next phase in treatment, and at this point I am thinking of encouraging that course of action, as I know that I hold the keys to unlocking that next phase. I was really hoping the kick start was all I needed, but the last few weeks have seen my mornings being affected. Thankfully at this point it is just fatigue and low power, but I'm not liking the tread. This morning I averaged 10:40 min miles over 3.5 miles. I had no power. The next phase, if it were to get worse, is back to walking. Thankfully I do have power as the morning wears, but still, these last two weeks have shone a light on the fact that I still need help. Which sucks. And you bet I'll work with the doctor to push that, assuming he agrees.

Geo: Good luck on Sunday!

Zoj: Figured Mt. Snow... congrats! And sorry about the lingering fatigue. I know how shitty a feeling that is especially when it doesn't shake.


3.5 absolutely powerless miles. Lack of ability to power from the Illness en force this morning. Final confirmation I needed to push doctor at next visit for the next phase of my treatment. Was hoping to avoid it, but when I wake up feeling hungover every morning, and when I can barely run 10:40 pace for 3.5 miles, I know I'm sliding back. Thankfully, I still rebound in energy and power as the morning wears on. But I realize that is to be taken away next.

Great day, friends!
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DH suggested that I stay on my trainer yesterday to see how it goes and not get caught somewhere outside. Glad I listened as my 1 hr bike turned into 25 minutes of high cadence/low resistance coughing. Clearly the lungs are not quite ready yet.

Going to the pool today to at least give it a try as something is better than nothing. Will take it easy though!

Happy Hump Day!
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It's No Run Wednesday!!

Em - some seriously solid workouts!
ksurp - great to see you doing well!
Thor - it sounds like I am a total obsessed psycho or something .. looking for a track to run. The straight drive itself would have been 1:40 or so for a record to make me look less crazy. My focus/committnent comes naturally. And of course my stubbornness is in every ounce of my blood. Sorry you are feeling the hungover/fatigue badly again. Is your body not responding to the med as it did originally? Or changed?

Hope my flight home is smooth sailing. With my travel and DD being in a tech week for the weekend's shows, DS has to take an Uber home (we live far and opposite of many of their classmates). Is that unique? And I am having a hard time with a thought that DD may choose to go to a school in NYC.
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chiro therapy exercises FIB 45 min riding thunderbolt on TR this a.m. FIB 1 mile streak run at 10:57 pace on TM FIB butt challenge exercises.
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Hello all ...

Home to visit the dog at lunch, so ran solo after work - normal 4.5 mile loop. Went out too fast (as usual), but finished with 7:40 pace o/a - so not too bad. Feeling a bit tight now though!

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So good to have everyone here!!!
Tammy: Glad you are feeling better, take it slow coming back to training!
MoCo: Impressive. I can't imagine doing 2 hour workouts.
YoSake: I went to school in NYC. What an amazing experience. Still my favorite city. I know it will be scary but if she goes there, it will be something she never forgets
Me: 5 mile run late afternoon. After knees not happy for a few weeks, the last 2 weeks, they have been amazing, I have been able to run every other day with no pain! woot woot
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Great work, all!! I got in a solid 1:15 on the computrainer. Had a good overall ride, and I'm So ready for taper.. scary that now my 11 mile run this weekend isn't a big deal.

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You guys are busy! Great workouts.
Reg, different to read about your run instead of a bike ride. Fast too, way to go!
Thor, I'm so sorry you are still dealing with this crazy illness. Thinking about you with next steps in treatment. I know you are up for the fight.
So nice to be back with all this activity and motivation.
6.5 mile run, Avg'd 9 min pace, no big hills. Couldn't have kept that up for a whole marathon but maybe 9.5-min pace. We'll see.
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