Monday, Apr. 4 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Apr. 4 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

FLIP IS IN DA HOUSE! Welcome back, Flip. So nice to see your name around here.

Yo: Nice run on Saturday, and hey, smart decision on starting taper now. The only way to get faster or strong from here until then is... a rested body. Good decision.

Beth: Way to gut through the last long! And no worries on how you felt. You're tired from the accumulated training. Rest up and you'll feel better on race day. We're in the same boat. I know at marathon pace effort I'll be good through about 15 or 16, max, and then it'll get stoopid hard stoopid quickly, and that's okay, at least for me, as I just don't have the training to support it, but whatever, my victory is just being there after all I went through the last 10 months.

Geo: Give an update on Spotlight, if you saw it. Dying to see it myself.

Weekend Recap...

Saturday: 14.1 mile ramp to tempo "long" run. Avg'd 7:29 pace but had to really work for it. Goal was to maximize my training so that I could ready myself for marathon effort (whatever the pace would be) in 6 short weeks. And although this got hard, I achieved that, because come race day the plan is to be dialed a notch back from where I was with this run. Felt good to breath hard.

Sunday: Pathetic 1.6 mile keep the streak alive run in a padding of an inch or more of snow. Really sluggish and hungover (but not from alcohol): Illness sucks. But whatever; it was a recovery day.

Monday: 4 mile run before the snow flies. Opening mile was an illness-induced 10:30. By the end I was down to 8:30 or under and feeling a bit better but still sluggish. It's a morning thing.

Great day, friends!
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I'm promising myself that I'm going to do better being around my KR family! I really appreciate, enjoy and miss all of you.

I once had a goal of CdA's new 70.3 in June this year. A few weeks ago I backed off since even walking was causing some pain in the tendons above my ankle. My dr and PT wanted another set of xrays to make sure that the bone had at least healed and well, no dice. I decided to pull the plug on an early season race and work towards one in August and one in September. The pressure lifted and the coach and I changed plans.
Then I got sick. I've been sick for about 3 weeks now and today I'm finally feeling like a fog has lifted and I have the energy and desire to look forward. I'm ecstatic.
Mondays are my rest and PT days. So today I'm hoping for a great PT session and no pain tomorrow.

Happy Monday!!!!
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Feel better, Tammy. Been following your sickness on FB.
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Too much sickness around these parts. I sometimes wonder how much of these changes in so many people are triggered or exacerbated by environmental factors.

Nothing yet for me. Will do streak elliptical and chiro and butt challenge when I get home. B has pool league tonight so I have some time to myself to just get things done I've been putting off or napping through (yesterday at least).

Thinking real hard about wineglass marathon Oct 2.
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howdy, folks. hope everyone had a good weekend.

welcome back, Flip!

Friday, 2:30 trainer ride (which was supposed to be a 2:40 trainer ride + 20 min brick). Ride did not go well. Need to tweak nutrition, and figure out WTF is going on with my lungs.

Saturday, AM swim (3000 meters), PM run (50 minute easy, capped HR jog)

Sunday, 2 hours of trainer ****, including 20 x 2 min on, two min recover. the "on" alternated threshold work with significantly above threshold work. Which was not so significantly above, since my legs were tapped going into the ride.
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Welcome back Flip!!! Nice to see you here

You too Beth!!!!

And in NH right now, it's snowing, yes on April 4th. For reals? WTH

I didn't get to see MQ at the 5K yesterday as when I rolled over at 7AM it was snowing and very windy and I decided that I would roll back over and sleep in. Went for a run with Kelly at 11AM when it had stopped snowing and the sun was out Chisel Balance today.
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Woohooo great to see Flip, Tammy and Beth back on the board!!!

Tammy - sounds like you got a smart plan going ahead. 3-weeks being sick ... that stinks. Here is for the complete recovery!

Beth - good to hear about your 16 miler! Take a VERY good care of your foot. As Thor says little gain from here and on.

Em- that 2x20 is a beast... (I don't miss it on a trainer at all). Good for you to get all those quality workouts in!

MQ - if I were you, I would be really super honest with myself to see if I was ready for tackling a fall full marathon (considering the chiro issue). Just like many of us are, you are very committed to your GOAL once you set it. Hard to let it go. Marathon training is very harsh to your body even pain/discomfort- free one.

5 recovery miles. Sllooooowwww. That's totally ok. It was cold too..
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Friday, 1:30 on the bike
Sat, 15 miles including a very, very ugly 15k. I ran 5 first then took in nothing in the 30 min I waited for the race to start and bonked hard around mile 3. Took in a bunch of calories and rallied to finish strong. I'm amazed at what I've learned and how i now react to "problems." I got slow, HR went up and felt like.. I can't do this.. then i remembered all the advice and things people always tell me and Boom fixed it.

I also forgot my compression shirt and other stuff and wound up with some of the WORST chaffing I've had in years.. sigh.

Sunday - 8 hrs doing drywall and mudding..

Monday - Rest day, TERRIBLE headache

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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