Thursday, Mar. 31 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, Mar. 31 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

MoCo: Re: "sometimes despite consequences, it's worth that feeling of flying. keeps you motivated when times are tough." You are so, so, so right. That feeling has been driving me every since being able to run again. And, uh, NICE trainer ride yesterday for you!

Yo: Congrats on acceptance #2. Sorry no money. But at least there are plenty of options now. Happy No-Run-Thursday!

MQ/Julie: I was eyeing that race on Sunday; that is, I was eyeing it until I realized I take Camden to play ball (soccer) at 10 am starting this Sunday.

MQ: Sorry to hear about the chiro issues...

Sparty: Hang in there, girl. Busy time for you. After getting through it myself a year and a half ago, I promised we would never do that again. Never! Not with two small kids.

ksurp!!!!! Holding kids tight here. I mean, I'm having full conversations with my 3 year old now. Where did that come from?!

Beth!!!!! See you in Boston. I'll put up meet up spot soon. MJ O'Connors after the race! That's really all you need to know.


4 mile road-to-local-trail-back-to-road run early this morning. Not much power due to morning and illness. Yuck.

If body comes around I'll layer in a noontime run today.

Great day, friends, and happy to see folks coming back!
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Gonna get back in the game. 1:10 on the trainer last night. Had instructions to back down a little as I'm starting taper for Boston.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy to see you here!
Thor: Bummer, would have been fun to see you. Keep up the good work!
YoSake: Congrats on another no run Wed. Are you sick of running yet? I can only run about 3X week now so I usually really look forward to it. Can't imagine running 6-7 days a week!!
MQ: Excited to see you. Is Brian doing the race too?
Sparty: Deep breaths. Yoga? wine? LOL
Me: Chisel Agility and a few walks
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Hi gang! yeesh, a week away...again!!

Yo Sake - yay for another on the no money thing...I feel ya on that! you are rockin your training!

Geo - congrats to DD ...I hope she likes crew!!

Hi Sparty!

Julie - I soooo want to try other BB workouts (other than P90X), but don't have access to them. Some of them sound really good!

Hi MQ - yep, out there as always...

Thor - you amaze me...enuf said.


Last weekend (Easter weekend) was the last of the skiing for the year. Saturday we hit the trails (what was left of them) and then looked at some condos. Seriously considering purchasing something in the near future. We go back to look at a few more this weekend.

Sunday - Easter with the family - no workouts. had fun with the annual Easter egg hunt and egg fight. I made it to the final round...and lost to my niece. lol

Monday - worked at home...felt like crap (this is becoming a trend with Mondays for some reason). 50 minutes on the trainer.

Tuesday - in class all day, so only had time for a short run: ~2.9 miles

Wednesday - full body weights, including the 3x10 pushups! and 35 on the trainer

Today - back in the pool...body needed it!!! All this upper body strength training is paying off. Pulled a couple of 54 sec 50s and 1:54 for 100. Not as fast as some of you, but back to my standard so I will take it!

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Snuck out (not really, my boss was totally on board with it) for an afternoon swim so I didn't have to go to the pool tonight. Pro: swim is done. Con: didn't realize that pool is 84 degrees. Not swimming there again unless it's an easy flop swim.

Workout was fun - 3200 SCY. Those later 1:45s were TOUGH. But, um, yeah, I'm getting faster.

200 easy warm-up
8x50 scull halfway/swim halfway for each
8x25 build 1-4 5-8 on :35
4x50 sprint/easy on 1:10
20x100 done as 1 on 1:45/1 on 2:15 x10
200 cool-down
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Zoj - purchasing a condo near ski hills.. Sounds exciting! Good luck finding what you like! And way to get a swim in, with the solid pace

Sparty- keep sending a good luck to your way with dealing with selling/buying house.

Moco - sounds like you are on a roll! I soon need to be motivated by your swim workouts

Julie - I don't get tired of running but I do miss riding Mtb with GF's! They are enjoying these great spring days/trail conditions.

Yep no-run Thursday! Spent all day around Case Western Reserve Univ with DD on an admitted student day. All results are out now - she got in Univ of Mi (but not to the Acting BFA) and wait listed at NYU Tisch School Drama. Now the hard part - decide what she wants.... Tough choice to make for 18yo....
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Yoshi: Such hard choices for an 18 y.o. for sure. Good luck to her and all of you living through it. Only 1 more time through this process for you then you can skate into easier street.
Thor: I have a feeling noon was good for you yesterday.
Sparty on girl!
Zoj: WTG!! dream of owning vacation space but also know we'd never get there with enough consistency because I would be afraid to miss out on this at home. Who knows, maybe some day.
Em: Nice swimming!!! I could draft off you.
SBee: underwear attempt huh... I am not so brave. Course I also wetsuit all.the.time
AdCo: Welcome back and welcome to taper!
Julie: Yup, brian is running too. I have your cell # in my contacts. Do you have mine so we can arrange meet up? I'll be with the MVS group.

Did 4 miles on roads and trail with Lana, Jocelyn and Scott. Was fun. Not fast on trail but fun for sure.
1 hour riding gendarme later in the day after my meeting.
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Thanks guys. Good to be back! 5.5 mile late day run. Does anyone else hate to run in the evening? It's weird because I'm physically stronger later in the day, always go a little faster than I can in the morning, but I end up feeling worse and usually swearing a whole lot. All good, just loving being out there again!
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