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Monday, Mar. 21 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Solid workouts over the weekend for many. Was thrown off by this eltib bringing up old threads. Oh well.

Weekend Update...

Saturday: 18 mile long run in 2:20 time ending in average of 7:46 overall. It was windy, and I worked for this pace. Started above 8:00 for two miles and gradually dropped to around 7:30/7:40. Bumped into a friend at 6.5 and carried with her socially at 8:30 for three miles before turning on the jets from 9.5 through to home. Worked way too hard for that pace. The way the loop was set up, I ran into the wind from 11 until I got home. And I paid for it. I was pretty much at race effort. Could not have gone faster while still being able to power on. The bad news is that at Boston, a course much bumpier than the flat one I did, from around 16 one it is going to get ugly quickly. I thought about just pacing myself to put myself in best position for a strong finish, but the truth is that I am thisclose to running a qualifying time -- assuming my health holds -- and I would like to take a shot at it. Which means running an average of 7:48 pace. It'll get very ugly, that much I know, but I will try regardless. Even if it means walking, the truth is I wasn't expecting to be there, and so if I cannot get a qualifying time, then the time on the clock will not matter if it is 3:30 or 4 hours. Talking about it is my way of mentally preparing for it.

Sunday: 3.1 mile run early in the morning. Slow, sluggish, hung over.

Monday: 3 mile romp through 5" of freshly fallen and falling snow.

Great day, friends!
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Nicely done Thor!
Looks like the snow is done school for the kiddos tho.
Skiing was fun over the weekend...had my boots fitted last weekend (again for the umpteenth time) and they removed the heel lifts - whoa...didn't realize they were holding me back and I could really *feel* my boots...legs felt much better as well!

Yo - downhill skiing baby!

Welp, going to hit the trainer in a bit...need to get the cycling legs back!
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Hi, happy Monday. Snowy day here doesn't really feel like spring.

I need to get back at it... still not sure my lungs are 100% but I'll try my short easy run tonight and see how it feels. If I'm not 100%, I'm going to need to go see a specialist apparently.
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Upper fix. Going to be hard to get my steps in as I am traveling today thru Wed. UGH
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Em -
Thor - wow, good on you.

Lower fix today, yay for sumo squats. Keeping an eye on the thermometer to see if I can paint some of our foundation. Nothing but blue skies here in the north.
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Matched Thor's 7:46 pace for 5 treadmill miles ... 5 miles in 38:52...

Ran @ mostly 8 mm pace @ 1 deg, with 1/4 mile pickups leading into miles 2/3/4/5 (final fastest 1/4 was @ 9.7/6:11 pace).

Weekend was just dog walking and wood stacking ...

Sparty - I can definitely commiserate with your BB misery; boy - did UConn scuk against Kansas! At least the women are virtually assured the championship!

Great day all!

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Thor - I like your idea! Go for it - nothing to lose. It's remarkable that you came back this far this quick from just trying to make it to the start line.

Em - sounds like a Doc visit is in order.

Julie - safe trip! I'm sure you 'create' time to make 10k steps!

I didn't know the east coast got that much snow. Zoj and kids must be happy!

8 mile easy recovery run after work. R foot is a bit sore. My shoes have 320 miles on them. (I usually wear to 400miles). Time to switch these only for short runs. 4 weeks to Boston.
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20 minute easy, HR-capped run. Lungs were mostly fine, just felt the effects of 10-ish days off. Will try another easy run + a swim tonight.

My facebook feed was full of people who shoveled snow before work, then came home and ran in shorts.
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Did my 1 mile elliptical and push ups at 10 last night after getting home from work. Nothing else. It was a work day Monday for sure.
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