Monday, Jan. 25 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Jan. 25 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Lucky me. I got to watch the Patriots game (Bronco game?) with MQ and LRR yesterday evening. Didn't get to exactly "get too much into the game" due to kiddos, but it was a lot of fun. Also got to see MQ's fresh ink!

Weekend Update...

Saturday: 5 mile walk on my favorite set of trails wearing spikes.

Sunday: 2 mile walk in the fresh fallen snow before plows were out. Wore spikes.

Monday: 2.5 mile walk early this morning. No spikes needed.

Great day, friends!
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Thor - sounds like a fun game-watching gathering! And way to keep pluggin' away!

6 miles run. Legs are quite tired, nothing hurt just heavy. Last week was 46miles and this week will be 51. Fatigue is accumulating and that's the way this plan works!

Have a good start of the week peeps!
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Spent the weekend at Mt Snow on the slopes...bummed we didn't get any of that white stuff...conditions weren't bad, but could have been SO much better.

Almost bailed on my run today, but remembered Thor being out there no matter what and then just watched Rocky that got me out the door...even if it was only 1.5 miles which made me start hacking all over again. Then a 1/2 mile walk with the dog and did my pushups and planks...feel better that I at least did *something*.
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Nothing yet for me. Went across the street to gym to get in my mile and something else but they had no hot water. Refused to start if a cold shower was waiting for me. Will work out when I get home. Focused on my mile a day goal day 3.

New ink pic on FB. LOVE IT!!! This tells me I waited until the right time and made the right placement and design decisions. I am proud to wear it.
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What a Monday Pats lost. Customer issues. Lost a deal. UGH ready to crawl back under the covers!!! Tomorrow is a new day. Win some, lose some!

Master cardio and now I get to watch Will play BBall. He has been so excited for this, he's playing the rivalry team. That should put a smile on my face
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Went for a conversational run today - 4.5 miles with Team KEG. Didn't time, but felt like it was in the low/mid-9s. Nice to get out there on a non-bitter and windy day.

Yo - Yes, I think I did point you to CC a long time ago. I was much more active on it when DS was applying. DD gets second kid syndrome But I totally agree with you that there are parents who are FAR too involved in the whole process. I'll be glad when it's all over...

Think I missed logging an elliptical workout last week - which is about all I'm doing beside the dog walking.

Had a pleasant enough weekend. Saw "Star Wars" with DW, watched "Love and Mercy" (Brian Wilson biopic film), travelled down to CT to watch the disappointing Pats game - but did it in company of Fantasy Football friends, so played darts and drank beer to wash the bad taste down...

Nice tatt, MQ.

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Nice ink, MQ! I'm contemplating my next one...

Just an arm workout this morning, very light weights higher reps. Hip stretch yoga later this evening.
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Well there went most of a week, the travel weeks do that to me.
Tuesday, did a long walk then flew east and lifted luggage watched a fist fight on the rental car bus not fun
Wednesday, had 2 nice walks but my rental car got stuck on the detour (it snowed/iced that night) around the highway, ended up walking to somewhere a friend could pick me up in the ice, sleeping on their floor getting a super early ride so not much sleep
Thursday, nothing but work and retrieving that car and a dinner meeting and then kind of collapsing
Friday up early lots of trying to find gas and driving then an airport dash for the last flight out before the BIG storm. My main workout was loops around the phoenix airport, long long connection there!
So Saturday and Sunday to make up for it, a 2 mi+ ow swim in largish surf saturday, sunday the surf was hopeless so a 1 hour body surfing session followed by a 12 mile ride with L (her longest to date). Today, I feel like I have a big of a cold and I don't want to do anything but I'll try to get out for something later!
On the medical front My back and front held up better than expected to all this abuse but the incoming storm did hurt my back and my obliques are once again over working. I am trying to reschedule my neurologist's appt as I now have make-up travel for what the big storm cancelled and it conflicts but it was a super long wait and they are not answering. One anomalous test has turned into another and I am considering minor surgery to just get the right biopsy and remove the "weird thing" rather than continuing the round of trying and failing except its all most likely nothing but my usual weirdness...
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