Friday, Jan 22 - workouts! -
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Friday, Jan 22 - workouts!

Exciting day here. The first (of 8 or 9 total) audition for DD for the school she really wants to get in. It appears that it is a typical scene where parents stay around for moral support/taking care of things (i.e. snack, lunch, water, etc), but she didn't need me. I am more nervous than she is, probably.

Geo - I think you directed me to the college confidential website many months ago. It has been a great source for tons of info. It amazes me, though, some parents (particularly drama/musical theatre parents) are so hands-on, almost obsessed with the whole getting into college thing.

6 easy miles planned later. I am sure it will be a good run to keep my mind onto something like Fresh Air interview.
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Yoshi: Re: "LRR joining me for walks". It's been awesome having him out. Looks as if we now have a Thursday morning gig. I'm out every morning, so when he's ready for more, he'll find me. It's easy for us since we now live in the same neighborhood. What makes it hard on my side is the little ones still do not have a normal wake up time. So it's often hard for me to pick a time and be there. I'm often off by 5 minutes on either side, and sometimes much more. But love having him back!

Health Update...

Nothing new to report with the health. I still cannot run in the mornings; I still have some mild symptoms; and I am still working with doctors. This week I completed my tests with the Neurologist. We feel my illness is in some other realm. And from what I saw, I think this is correct. I go back to the Rheumy at the end of February. I am on the cancellation list and will also call periodically to see if I can get the appointment moved up. I am still going to the gym 2 to 3 days a week. My strength has always been there, but my ability to hold it had been cut short by the illness. I think I am gaining something on this, as this past week I felt better in doing a few of my exercises. I was able to tackle them with a bit more rigor. Which is good because when the illness had its teeth bitten into me, I was really only able to go through the motions. I have hopped on the TM a few times to log a mile, fully running, but very easy. My body really pays for it, but I am going to play around with this a bit to see what I can do. It seems the illness has really attacked my hips, because the stiffness in them is greatest. I still have stiffness in other joints, but the illness has migrated to the hips as a target point. In all, I am doing really good mentally with all of this. It does suck. And it's not easy. But I am handling it very well.


2.5 mile walk early this very chilly morning.

Great day, friends!
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Yoshiko - 8 or 9 interviews! Good luck to DD on that.

Thor - glad to hear things are bit better. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

6.9 mi easy run with Tim this am. Did hill repeats on Thursday and my body was still sore from that. My pace is garbage, but I need to get more consistent and maybe I'll see some improvement.

I've got weekly massage and stretching set up. I think my issues are related to my lack of flexibility, which has always been there but I think it's really only starting to impact me as I age.

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Nothing for me today.

Still thinking of doing a mile a day thing. Like Thor I'll be easy on the rules and maybe work to do at least a purposeful 1 mile run, walk or elliptical every day. Maybe I'll start tonight when I get home.
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Decided to let the cold rule today and did nothing. will be on the slopes all weekend, again with DD...

hack hack wheeze wheeze
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Toured a preschool, caught up with an old friend, and drove around looking at houses we can't afford. I'm exhausted.

Yoshiko - good luck to DD!
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