Wednesday, Jan. 20 - WORKOUTS! -
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Wednesday, Jan. 20 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Julie: Sorry we keep colliding on daily bread threads. Hopefully today is better. I'll look before hitting "Post", though I actually always do. So not sure it'll help. Either way, it's a good problem to have. Love to see you so consistent.

Yoshi: Re: "Thor - you might have already read an interview by RW of Ryan Hall. His story reminded me of you (re. fatigue), about low testosterone. I think you were tested of this. Can't remember what the outcome was."

Yes, I have seen that. I haven't had time to dig for more information, but it is rather interesting. And it's actually not all that uncommon for people who hit it hard for a very long time. Not sure there is much that is related, but there is still so much unknown about conditions in general. When you consider the premise that the body cannot tell the difference between stressors, that too much stress effects the body adversely, you at least have a common denominator. I do plan to dig more into it when I have time.

Health Update...

The short of it is that yesterday we ruled out Neurology as a medical field in which my condition falls. I got all of my questions answered, had another test, and it is clear that my muscles are working properly and my nervous system is good.

The long of it is that yesterday I went to the Neurologist for an EMG, where they tested the functioning of the muscles and the nervous system. It was a fascinating test that took about an hour in total. There were two parts, first for testing the response of the nervous system to electrical pulses, and the second to test the response of the muscles when in action. Both reached levels of great discomfort.

The nerve test was first. The doctor located 6 different locations on the body where she had access to a nerve, and she input via a probe increasing pulses of electrical currents. This got uncomfortable very quickly. All points tested were flawless.

Next was the muscles test. The doctor located several areas of different muscles and had me relax as she slipped a thin needle into the muscle tissue. She had to move the needle around to embed it and find the right location. Once she was secure with a location, she had me flex that muscle in various ways. This got very uncomfortable in all spots. After the first muscle, I thought, "Oh ****, we have 5 more." I got through it. All muscles tested perfectly.

Next up is back to my Rheumatologist. The Rheumy wanted to rule out Neurology before proceeding. Unfortunately the next appointment isn't until end of February, but I'll call periodically to see if they can slide me up.


2.5 mile walk early this very cold morning. No run in me.

Great day, friends!
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Thor: Well I guess the positive is ruling that out! Still to have to wait another 5 weeks, I can't imagine how frustrating!!! Crossing fingers you get in sooner.

Hello to everyone!

Chisel Balance (love that workout!) and 20 minute HIIT run on the TM. Had to test out my shiny new shoes
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Thor - the tests sounds really uncomfortable.. eek. Good to rule out the neurology field as the issue. One step closer! Keeping fingers crossed.
Julie - saw the pic! Like the color.

Made it to another No Run Wednesday! Really want to splash around in a pool. Will see if I can squeeze that during lunchtime. Another wrestling meet after work.
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Thor: God forbid I ever need a neurologist but if I did I'd get her name. She sounds so thorough and spectacular. Hope that the rheumatologist is good too. I like mine but would see my brother's friend if I could. He was a college bball player for bucknell so he gets the athlete thing. Current Rheumatologist is a cyclist but he is a little full of himself for my taste over the long haul.
Julie: Consistency is KING! Loved the shoes.
Yoshi: Love that you are following the same plan and it is working for you again. April here you come!!

Shasta on trainer road this a.m. with GG on elliptical. Both of use are trying to watch our eating before February 6 trip to Barbados where we'll crash and burn on the calorie front most likely. Goodness I LOVE food.

Going to hit gym at lunch too I think. Thinking about getting back on the mile a day thing I did between turkey day and new year's day. I think it did help control my weight and made me feel good to have a goal every day.
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Phew! I'm sore.

Easy yoga today. Trying to figure preschool for next year in a city I don't live in yet...blah.
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