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Monday, Jan. 4 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Back to the grind for me, which means back to regular posting. I'll start with a brief health update and then get to it.

Health Update

Symptoms over the last several months have ebbed and flowed or, perhaps better put, they have changed but all within the same boundaries. The last two weeks were really no different, only the most major symptoms were the heaviness in the legs and stiffness in the joints. I still have the other symptoms (occasional nausea, muscle aches in back, headaches) but they are more mild and completely manageable. That's good. On the flip side, the legs are heavier than ever -- and now they are heavy even when walking, such as for exercise and for walking up stairs or walking longer than a half a block. This is highly limiting, as I just cannot run. The stiffness in my joints is now very, very, very noticeable in a not-so-good way, though not yet at all limiting. I notice it mostly in the knuckles (everyday), hips, knees, and a few other places. I am beginning to think that the heaviness in the legs is the same thing as stiffness in the more prominent joints, but I'm not yet sure. Next doctor's appointment is in a month. I have decided that if that does not yield progress then I will pursue a parallel path with a Lyme specialist to at least rule Chronic Lyme in or out... even though the current doctor mostly ruled it out. (Long story, but many hospitals/doctors do not believe in Chronic Lyme... I have my doubts.)


2.8 mile walk early this morning. Tried to run a step here and there but couldn't.

Great day, friends!
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Thor - ugh. I think your strategy for a parallel path is wise.

Back to our regular schedule over here - hurray! We have approx. 4 months to get the house ready for the market which means I have a very long to-do list (mostly paint related). I REALLY hope that our house sells quickly and for a good $ so we are able to get closer to DH's job. Shrinking his commute will do wonders for his overall health.

As for me, I'm finally ready to stop paying lip service to healthy habits. MIL described me to a salesperson as 'big boned, but not fat.' Cripes. Yoga, planks, bridges, squats and a walk today with GOOD eating the last 4 days. I've set a plan into motion for the next 100 days (the next time all of DH's family is together). Bring it on.
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Thor: So sorry to hear about your health issues. It must be especially frustrating to you as having been such an athletic active person your whole life . Hoping you get this figured out soon!!!!

Sparty: UGH. I bet that didn't go over well. You are using it as motivation to reach your goals. You'll show her!!!!

Me: Kids back at school. Mommy back at work. It's not even 2:00 and I am ready for the work day to end. This is going to be a LONG week!

Chisel agility done. Walking to get my 12K steps in.
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Thor - hang in there. I know you will keep positive outlook.
Sparty - Good luck getting the house ready for sale. I remember those days when we did lots of painting. I am sure you are turning your MIL's comments to positive energy.

6 miles under steady snow falling on my face. Literally I couldn't see the front for a while. It was pretty though. Also, it was recovery run and, feeling nice and easy at sub 9 pace, which is good for me

All 12 applications are done for DD. The first (and most important) audition is in a few weeks... I try not to micromanage her - I trust if she wants it badly she is practicing her audition pieces million times.
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Definitely motivated!! 1 mile run this afternoon while dinner was cooking.
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All sorts of awesomeness in here today.

Complete DOR for me. My first in 37+ days. Will start dismantling the decorations tonight. Don't want to do it alone since I put it all out alone but I suspect that is the way it will go.

Thor: Squeaky wheel man, squeaky wheel. Also suggest Robin's functional medicine guy in Cambridge I think for a parallel path. I suspect he would listen to the chronic lyme suspicions.
Sparty: I would say you are awesome and I've met you so roll with that because it is true.
Yoshi: No NYResolutions or traditions for me/us but we roll with whatever makes sense at the time. dinner and games with parents and sister and sister's kids and SOs which was a good time. Home to ring in NY watching Grimm on Prime. All good.
Zoj: Love the running without time/pace. I know I'm too A type to do that. I can't get out of my own way. I try other things though to limit the intensity of self issues. good luck to DD.
Julie: LOVE your attitude and how you have such great self motivation and will power. Please send some south to me.
KSurp: 1/17 WooPee!! Breakfast together.
AMike: Watch those glutes, etc... You got this. Hope to see you in Boston in April.
Ronbo: Where you at? Come back...
Hobey/ Bannon? Others?

Barbados 1 month 2 days away. Working in bikini body and not embarrassing H doing so. I'm getting there.
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Happy New Year to all!

2.40 mile tm run done for today. Still making slow and conservative progression but things are feeling ok right now so I'll take it.
Yesterday: 75' trainer ride
Saturday: 25' run
Friday: DOR - wasn't feeling well.

Thor: I agree with the squeaky wheel theory and keep the faith that you'll get this figured out.
Sparty: You go girl!
Yoshi: It is REALLY hard not to micromanage the whole college process. DH and I are doing our best. DS1 is actually getting rather good at asking motocross companies/suppliers for sponsorship deals completely on his own because he has built a motocross bike for his senior project.
MQ: Looking forward to the 17th!
Julie: Nice to see you here!
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Hi gang!
Back to school & Back to work for DD, DH and I...DS has a few more weeks before he has to head back to college...

Full body weights today - started a 12 week program which sounded interesting. Modifying as needed (e.g., goblet squat vs BB squat) to keep back happy...I *know* I am going to feel this tomorrow.

Thor - good luck...and I agree with everyone else - squeaky squawky wheel!
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