Thursday, October 22 - Workouts -
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Thursday, October 22 - Workouts

at home...feel like crap...cold is kicking in and has settled in my head/ flashes...ugh...debating on working out...probably will just bail or take the dog for a walk.

MQ - congrats on a GREAT race!! woohoo!
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40 minutes / 5.15 treadmill miles (7:46 pace O/A @ 1 deg incline). Started out at 8:00 miles and bumped up .1 mph/6 sec per mile (with several bumps over last mile).

Em - Thanks for feedback. We do Kong (and several other toys - although he definitely needs a refresh). I know there are fancy puzzle box type toys (Nita Ottoson?), but not sure if they are just gimmicky. He could definitely use a few more food dispensing toys though (we just have the basic snowman kong, and it doesn't take him long to get stuff out). He is crated at night, but at day he's allowed to roam an empty sunroom and hallway. Unfortunately he does teeth on wooden trim boards, so at some point we'll have to replace them ... No run of the house for him yet.

Yo - She's only applied to Maryland so far. Just finishing up common back. Got SATs back (twice) and unfortunately fairly pedestrian - although she's got fairly strong grades in some challenging classes, and good extra-curriculars. She's a pretty anxious test taker There aren't many true "safeties" on her list yet, so she'll have to focus more on schools she has a decent chance of getting into ... Beside the U of NH, I think the only other one we visited that she has a reasonable shot at is James Madison (nice school, but pretty rural area). She really had no interest in other safeties we visited (Westchester, Towson).
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Five nice miles after work. Boy, the darkness is starting to creep in early.
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nice 3.5 mile run

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Zoj - oh, feel better soon! And hot flashes .... I had a few awful experiences a few years ago..., started sweating terribly out of no reasons. I was quite nervous after that but never happened again, so far. Maybe I'm too old now.

Geo - I see U of Maryland is a very well recognized school - good luck to her. That school along with a few others she visited (George Mason, Drew, Rider, etc) didn't make her long list. Here she is prob applying 10 or so.... 4 are in NYC or nearby. All are super competitive auditioned theatre programs. Picked a few less competitive auditioned theater programs, and three are non-auditioned theatre programs with a good academic reputation (she wants to double degree in BS in Business and BA in Theatre). I'm hoping we did enough research... Visiting east coast in Jan/Feb for audition won't be fun FOR SURE. It will be a long next 6 months....

5 miles while DS was in the martial art class , half of which with the headlight. Nice and easy pace. It's been a while since I ran 5 days in a row last time. Iceman (Mtb race in early Nov) is in jeopardy due to a high possibility for DS to make to the state meet individually and as a team. With that, I'm in a pre marathon training mode already.
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Hey Peeps! Late to note but I did fit cross class in the a.m. The course instructor and FitRev owners was shocked to see me. I survived well but could not get myself out of bed this a.m. to get in a workout. Will go at lunch today for an elliptical Ithink versus a treadmill run.
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