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Oct 10-11 weekend - workouts!

Geo - nice run!
MQ - T-7? Enjoy!
Kaiser - smart move. Training for something (or getting ready for a training)?
Zoj - Keep up the good PT work!

A nice morning ride to DS's xc meet. When I left it was 43F... But warmed up quickly and I enjoyed my 35mile ride. Luckily there is a nice bike path by the highway then to a series of Metropark bike path. Very min ride on road. 2:20 or so. Then he ran well in spite of having a cold, 18:1x. PR on a tough course !!
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so yesterday, I managed another bout of PT and general strength routine...3 for the week! Can't remember the last time I did that!

today I got out and got 3 miles in. got some strange looks when I was running/jogging backwards down the hills...I am allowed to run UP the hills, but not down and need to play it by ear on the flats. Doing this until I go back to my PT/coach in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we head up to Mt Snow for Oktoberfest - should be fun!
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56 mile group ride with the Bagelry crew ... Beautiful New England fall day....

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Zoj - backwards down the hills?? Not sure if I can stay up right more than a few steps.. ..
Geo - nice ride! Is your doggie getting used to the routine (and you don't have to let her out mid-day)?

9 miles run under a beautiful fall sky. Left hammy/butt gets tight so monitoring carefully.

Enjoy the day you are given.

And ....Gooooooo 1Topo!!!!!!!
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Sat: 34 + ride then 30 min run. Had a great ride and run.
Sun: 6+ mile run with N2. Many we have run for 26.2 with the amount of stories she had and talking she wanted to do. Felt good.
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Got in 4 miles Saturday and 7 on Sunday..that's a three month record for me I think. Crazy stuff.
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saturday: 5K at the hartford marathon, 3200 meter swim after
sunday: 1:50 trainer ride where my new P1 pedals broke. will be fedexing them back today.
monday: 60 minute walk with run breaks, 1600 m swim.
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