Wednesday Oct 7 - Workouts -
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Wednesday Oct 7 - Workouts

Late start today...was at a contractor site all day yesterday witnessing rain least it was a beautiful day!

Did manage 45 min on the trainer last night.
1200 yds in the pool today - PT & weights tonight.

Re: back - unfortunately, my issues will not resolve without surgery and maybe not even then. and I really need to consider when I want to raise the white flag and go under the knife. right now running and walking (to an extent) are affected...what we're trying to do now is relieve some of the symptoms, but already have some loss of strength in my left leg, so there's that. thanks for letting me vent tho...
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Zoj: So very sorry to see this being a continued issue for you. I wish there were better back options for people but there does not seem to be. Hubster had an issue that acupuncture was able to resolve but it was several months suffering before that option presented itself.

Nothing yet for me. Sleep was needed more than my ride this a.m. Seeing rheumatologist at the end of the so I'll hit the pool on my way home and then hit the bike on the trainer when I get home to get in my workouts scheduled for today. 1 week to MD departure v.2. peeps!
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Zoj - vent away... We understand your love for excercises, pushing beyond comfort and how frustrating it would be that you have to do some compromise due to this back issue. We can listen. Wish there was some level of guarantee before you commit to a surgery. Are you sure you seek all kinds of opinions available to you?

MQ - so excited about you going through the taper again!!

4miles on TM in a hotel in San Luis Potos?. Lots of driving (sitting in a car) . Jerbus, ther are walkers and cyclists on freakin HIGHWAY here!!!! So dangerous. Even in a city, the way people drive scare the beep out of me.

Yesterday was DOR due to traveling.
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Zoj - if you can't vent here, where can you vent?! We are all here for you. No restrictions at the moment for me; first visit with the cardiologist is in a couple of weeks. He's a marathoner, so that's a plus I think...
MQ - you've got this taper thing down to a science now, right?
YoSake - yikes! Sounds like some scary driving conditions.

I need to get my butt moving! I've been super sedentary lately. Too sedentary. The malaise is 50% self inflicted so it's time to take back a little control here. Just walking isn't cutting it over here. To the next adventure!!
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zoj - stupid back!

me, was gonna swim, nope. Lake Michigan and I have broken up. She is too cold, violent and unpredictable lately.

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Go Sparty! Way to fix your mindset.

MQ! Well ... at least you get twice the build-up excitement. Enjoy taper week part deux.

Zoj. Uggh ... I commiserate. Hopefully something good happens before ski season ... I imagine that's hard to do with severe back pain (and I assume that's your true sporting love).

Myself - managed a rather pathetic short commute/long commute day, thanks to DD coming home for lunch. 11+ in (about 17) and 22+ home (low/mid 16s) for 33 miles on the day. Between continued slight discomfort, a drastic drop in mileage, and the impending cold, I feel like quite the non-bike-weenie these days

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Just catching up a little. Out for a fairly slow 4 miles.

Zoj, Backs are such a weird, complex thing. That sucks. As others said, vent away here. Almost everyone has been through something. Good thoughts towards some relief for you.
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