Monday, Oct 5 - Workouts! -
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Monday, Oct 5 - Workouts!

wow...been away for over a week and I get to start the thread!
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had to travel for work last weekend and got delayed by the Pope...can't say that too often. lol

Been struggling with my back issues...really affecting my ability to run. Forced into a run/walk situation to see if that helps calm it down, but after yesterday's attempt not so sure it will. Granted it was the first time, but still was hoping for something...

So today ended up with a decent 45 minutes of weights including all my PT and upper body stuff.

MQ - hope you get to race! Any news?

Sparty - how are you doing? any restrictions?
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zoj!! Sorry to hear about the back still being an issue.

DOR for me

No news yet on reschedule. My brain will not let me go to the place of it being cancelled entirely and having to make decisions. I'm still being positive about the reschedule on 10.17. I'll need some virtual love that day KR Peeps!
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zoj - take the PT stuff and all other strengthening/stretching exercises MORE important than the HR-raising exercises. Hang in there..
MQ - I came across father of a triathlete who was totally bummed about the delay (hopefully) of the IMMD. Is there another IM within a month or something? He was talking about his son signing up for that. I will keep a positive thought to your way about 10/17!!

Yesterday was a fun day with a bunch of GIRLBIKERS to hit a singletrack 45min away, and rode on paved road to a state park on the Lake Erie. Nice 2 hrs ride FIB a fabulous lunch.
I squeezed 2250m early this morning. Very Slow, which I expected. I need to keep on swimmin, keep on swimmin'....
Then 1 hr ride on dirt road. Hammy is not doing well.... Need to pay attention more stretching and stuff.
May go for a triple workout after work. Heading to Mexico for work for the rest of the week, so I got to squeeze as much as I can
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Reg, saw your post last week that you looked at WCU. Glad you liked our neck of the woods. You would enjoy a ride out into the country. Pretty this time of the year.
MQ, fingers crossed for a reschedule. So frustrating. You seem to be handling it well!
Zoj, sorry about your back. Hope it resolves soon.
Yoshi, a triple? I would expect nothing less from you! Have a great time in Mexico!

40 min spin this morning. Foot is generally improving. Looking forward to getting the orthotic later this month. Taking my vitamin d like a good girl!
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I swam late last night (8 pm) to avoid the post-work mass takeover of lap lanes by the 2 post-work swim practices our Y has going on 5 days a week.

3200 meters. I managed to descend 10 200's on super short rest. I'm kind of impressed with myself.
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