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Muffin Queen 09-29-2015 10:00 AM

Tuesday 9/29 t minus 4 days
Stanislaus on TR this a.m. until the I product I was using crapped out on my AGAIN at min 48:xx FIB 20 min on elliptical.

Great day peeps!

Yo Sake 09-29-2015 11:13 AM

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MQ - T-4!!!! You are way too calm, where is the taper craziness?? :) Exciting!
Hope Thor is doing well.. Haven't seen his posts here for a while.

Dealing with the 'reality' of the life with two high school students here...
50min strength/stretching workouts today, thanks to an expected rain shower during lunch time. Really need to hit the dirt road after work.

SpartyGirl 09-29-2015 12:45 PM

Go MQ!
Yoshiko - good fall day to get dirty on the trails.

1.5mi run/walk this morning. Felt out of shape (no surprise there). I have an appt tomorrow to find out about holter results. Anxiety and frustration levels are high. This was supposed to be marathon weekend, instead it will be a long weekend in the Twin Cities with no running.

jkaiser20 09-29-2015 06:02 PM

Just shy of four mile run tonight. I survived the summer as the temps are falling, not to rise again until April. Oh well, if the snow stays moderate it will be fine.

BethR 09-30-2015 12:56 AM

Walk/run with a friend this morning. Feet ached the rest of the day. Hoping the vitamin D supplements are kicking in and strengthening my bones.

Sparty, hang in there. Sucks to not be where you want/planned to be right now. You'll get there. (Keep telling myself the same thing!)

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