Monday Sept 28 Workouts -
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Monday Sept 28 Workouts

Yoga for me. Get stretchy people!

fighting off Post IM blues, pretty successfully but it's still a pain in the arse. Good thing it's a known deal and this too shall pass.

Other news REV3 IS BACK! - 6 races next year. I'm excited (and no I have no details I'm allowed to share, not that I have many details anyway, about the current situamatation with Challenge)

Knoxville, Quassy, Williamsburg, Poconos, Maine, and Cedar Point. Although 2016 is not set, at all, I would hope to be at Knoxville, Maine, Cedar Point at minimum.
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Woah!! Saw that CAK posted that too. Anxious to hear the dealio with REV3 and Challenge when you can share. I thought Challenge put on a fine race in Maine. I'm guessing over expansion syndrome.

DOR for me filled with packing and other some such stuff. Leave on Wednesday a.m.
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MQ: So excited for you!!!

Isometrix today. Felt so good after my race yesterday Monday monday!
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busy weekend. swam Fri pm, swam Sat AM, trainer ride Sat mid-day (cadence work), power walk last night. swim and short bike tonight.
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Hey Ron, way to start the thread!!
MQ - Exciting!!!! Safe trip.
Julie - again congrats to your race. And no pain to your knees I trust?!
em - good workouts! Enjoyed reading your blog.

6 mile run. Legs still feel kind a weird (from running a marathon 7 days ago). First 'real' run of any solid distance. Couldn't sleep last night for a few hours... still have a jetlag I guess.
Trying to hit either the dirt road or singletrack after work. Need to get the training mojo going... somewhere....
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25 min on the trainer, got off early, just didn't have the umph today.
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Half hour run after work. Caught a neighbor outside and stopped to talk about things as I was finishing, and ended up hanging out for a few beers and good conversation. We have been here about six months and still haven't met everyone. I have seen them shake their heads as I run by, but they are good people.

Most of my runs are pretty ploddy these days. I know if I can just string a couple weeks together I'll be fine. Now just need to do it.
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