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Workouts - Monday 9/21/15

1780 Benedict Arnold commits treason

Don't be a traitor to your plans!

Me: YOGA !
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- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Following that plan exactly!
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DOR - out with a cold. I guess it was time for one.
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MQ - way to go!!!!
Sparty - right after the kids started school.... Feel better soon

Day of being lazy on the deck and beach, after running Maui Marathon yesterday. Body isn't as beaten as I felt yesterday. Lower quads and the outer side of my knees were in bad pain after the run, which I have never experienced before. I can walk normally today. Considering my longest run since the spring marathon was 12 miles and the marathon pace was 2min+ slower per mile than my last, this is what I kind a expected how I would feel. Big time applaud to DH - he had multiple sea urchin spines on the bottom of his foot. DONT GO SNORKELING BEFORE A MARATHON!!!! The waves were high and current were strong in the ocean. He isn't a strong swimmer and got panicked when he got pulled into deeper ocean as we snorkeled looking at coral reefs. And he stood on them.... Got many cuts around his feet but we had no idea what the dozen of black spots were. Went to see a doc and found out those were sea urchin needles. Nothing you should do other than soaking the foot into vinegar to expedite calcium dissolving or something. Doc was quite skeptical about him running on it. Me too... He was literally walking on foot full of splinters. Thx to his dedicated effort soaking, he was good enough to run. Of course some compensation went in to affect other areas so we had to stop quite a bit.
Our mission was accomplished to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

As for the marathon, sorry to say but i don't tntink the course is "most scenic marathon in the country". You run 5-6 miles in pitch dark then you run next to busy highway most of the time, next to ocean.

I'm not complaining. The best recovery so far!
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Ugh, glad I can be a flake at the same time a bunch of others are doing it. Real proud of how a few stalwarts have kept it up.

I put in about 4 miles after work. Been struggling with putting workouts together lately. Some hip issue ticking me off, but will fight through.
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