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Monday, August 3 Workouts

Bike commute day (DW got out early so could let the dog out for lunchtime constitutional). Mid 19's in over 17+ miles; 22+ home for a 40 mile day. Shifting a bit off (irritating ... another trip back to LBS), but otherwise nice to enjoy the ride in. Also, short walk at lunch ...

Sunday went on 14 mile ride with DD, otherwise a DOR. She talked about clipless pedals (very exciting).

Hope people are enjoying their tapers!

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Geo - that sounds exciting indeed!

1.5hrs on dirt road. We had some rain but jeebus, some sections were DUSTY! And cars were flying by, literally left me in the fog of dust. May swim after dropping DS off at........
Driving ed this evening (gulp...). I know I shouldn't worry too much about what's ahead.....

BTW, Jeff Daniels' concert was GREAT. He can sing, play the guitar and is funny. He shared lots of his songs based on his experiences (i.e. almost killing a pedestrian, who got really mad at him; about walking the red carpet; having left his wife at a rest area of interstate during their vacation, etc). Hope his theatre continue to entertain us.
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PT today, instead of doing my swim I fell asleep. Yeah I think I needed sleep more than the swim

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Went to PT to get my leg/hip flexor looked at. Mike didn't seem to worried.. Then a "celebration" for our friend Jen. Way more my style than a typical funeral. People telling stories, not like a eulogy. Open bar, too.. Not that I drank.
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DOR for me and home sick from work with constant headache that went away by Tuesday.
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MQ does that mean your head is better today? I've got a headache now, the wind has veered around to the south and its all hot and sticky. I have a big site visit here tomorrow. We spent a lot of time getting ready, decluttering and in the end deep cleaning. We have no a/c so I hope the weather dries up!

For the workout pt (where finally I can begin work on the ta without pinching nerves in the rectus abdominus but its soo slow and troublesome) this was our 5th attempt and the first where i didn't end up with pain and spasms. After PT I had a nice 2 mi ow sunset swim.
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Yup SBee. Headache was gone by Tuesday morning. Sinus issues are the problem I believe.
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