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Friday, July 17 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Sparty: I hope yesterday's test went well. I commend you for doing what you are -- getting educated so that you can resume your "life" after the formative years with the kids. And trust me, I do understand, as we are preparing (but not yet there) to go through the same here.

Yoshi: Sounds like a nice bike ride yesterday!


4 mile sluggish dead-legged run early this beautiful morning. We had the weather that Yoshi had yesterday, so although it would likely be chilly to the hands on the bike, it was a magnificent morning to run! Even with dead legs.

Great day, y'all!
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Thanks! Test went great, nice to take a successful step in that direction. I also spoke with an advisor and I may be in a position to skip a few steps, which would allow me to apply to my preferred program a year earlier. Eek!

Rainy day here, so a treadmill run (breaking in shoes) is on deck. Heat index is supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. Yuck!
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Rest day!!
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Shortish and easy bike day, with walk at lunch. 17.8 miles in (hi 16's); short way home ... just over 10 miles for about 30 on the day.

Plan is for a 120 mile ride up in Maine tomorrow - with 5K of climbing (assuming weather looks okay ... scattered rain at worst), so nothing too strenuous today. My legs feel kind of toasted already ... I think last weekend's firewood stacking put them in a bad place ... and they'll be in an even worse place after tomorrow....

Great weekend all!

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Well, I finally made it back here. It's been a busy couple of months.

My India Field Experience was fantastic. Three solid weeks of travel, Indian food, school visits, teaching, leading professional development, interacting with wonderful kids and teacher, sitting in crazy traffic, touring more museums/shrines/temples/forts than I have ever seen in the past 5 years of my life, and dealing with heat that felt like we were in a tandoori sauna oven was awesome.
I managed 5 work outs while I was there: 3x on the ellipitical in hotel fitness room and 2 swims. Even at 7am, the water in the outdoor pools was in the high 80's and it was just too warm for me. As a rural girl, spending 3 weeks in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Delhi was fascinating given that they are all bigger than the NYC metro area and they each have their own vibe.

I've been back for a few weeks now and can't seem to get my act together. My achilles tendonitis (r) still hasn't gone away, I'm doing my exercises and trying to be patient. It is also keeping me off of my bike so I have no idea what my ride is going to be like at Challenge Maine. I switched to the Oly Aqua bike just so I can have one race to participate in this summer. My left knee is also bothering me so I'm trying to work through that as well. Masters swim is going well so I'll keep at that.

DH and the boys decided that it was time to get a dog. We haven't had one in 7 years and now we have a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy who has made his debut on FB. DH is over the moon as he has always wanted a German Shepherd so I'm being a good sport given all of the support they give me in my crazy pursuits.

Oh, I did 60 minutes of P90X today.
Swam 30' yesterday.
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Thor - wait for a few days... you will get what Sparty/I have tomorrow, 100 heat index!
Sparty - Way to go! Good for you Do you care to share your plan?
Geo - 120miles!! Safe ride!
ksurp - welcome back. Keep at those exerciese. It will get better. And saw the pic of the puppy. Awww so cute.

5mile run, boy it was humid (82%)! Planning to swim in an outdoor pool, but thunder may change my plan. Will see.
DD driving for 3hrs today to visit her grandparents where her cousin is visiting. She will bring her back here on Monday. Yep the longest solo drive.

Debating whether or not I join GIRLBIKER's weekend ride in the Grand Rapids' area singletracks. 2hrs drive each way, and total of maybe 3-4hrs of very fun trails. Hmmmmmm.......
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Hey all!

Stone mountain on trainer road this a.m. Was going to swim at lunch to get in Wednesday swim but not looking good. Other things to do and not sure I can get it all in. Luckily not many people here at the office. Not enough hours in the day today for me.

Geo: Safe ride tomorrow.
Sparty: Keep at it. I know you'll be successful in this second career. You got this.
Thor: I understand completely about purging other's things. Unfortunately for hubster that means his things.
cak: You got this! Enjoy the taper
AdCo: I love rest days. Enjoy yours. YOu are killing it. Tremblant will be a cake walk for you.
Yoshi: Go to trail. You love riding with the girlbikers. They give you such joy.
KSurp: Welcome back. Patience is key. Dog is adorable. Will see you at OOB! I'll be out on course still when you are done. I'm already dreading the swim.
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