Thursday, June 11 Workouts -
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Thursday, June 11 Workouts

Morning all! Usual commute day for me - (low 19's in ... so brisk over the 20+ miles), and a leisurely walk at lunch.

MQ - Thanks for adding me to the FB thread. Not sure what's going on that weekend, but will check. T'would be good to have a meet-up.

Great day all!
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Geo - I don't know how much traffic you have to deal with during the morning ride in. But I really enjoy morning ride in a crisp morning sun. Peaceful.

Speaking of the morning ride, 1;45 ride in before the work! Kids are off school, but I am committed to still get up early and go. Chilly 60F to start. The rest of the day doesn't look good to squeeze anything else.... Got to head to LBS to buy a wheel during lunch time. Our own jr sent me his old wheel that was collecting dust last week, so that kept me me going. But I do need a new wheel. A few solo trail ride is planned during the next several days and I don't want to be stranded with the unfamiliar tubeless setup of the wheel jr gave me.

Yesterday was a long meeting near Toronto and 5-hr drive. Didn't get home until past 9pm. Yep cranky mommy.

Weekend is almost here, peeps!
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Originally Posted by master_of_none View Post
Thor's dead legs were bad enough to decline a race offer from me. of course I was in my car on the way to hockey
Good to "see" you, Rog!

Originally Posted by zojmn151 View Post
Thor - nice job on the race with the boy - THOSE are supposed to be fun races...hope he is feeling better!
Would have been far more fun if the boy wasn't so sick. He had fun while we were running as I pointed out the police men, police cars, box trucks, and mail trucks. But he was a sick grump at all other times.

The boy is finally getting better. Maddie, my youngest, first had this cold and was down pretty hard for 5-6 days. Camden then got it and was down for the same amount of time. He's back to near normal energy levels but he's still showing sickness signs. But it's much better than it had been.

Nice job to you in keeping it going during your travels.


5 mile trail run with two others at my favorite set of trails. We were all sluggish for various reasons but agreed this was the best way to start the day -- or, really, any day!

Great day, friends!
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Thanks for adding peeps on FB!! It would nice to meet all of my friends that live in my computer.

Easy 3 miles and strength work today. I can't convince DD to get in the stroller, so down to the basement I go...
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1300 yds in the pool at lunch and then 40 min on the trainer...dinner time!
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Got real lucky and got in four miles in between some rough storms. Our new place is on much higher ground than we've been the last four years, amazing how much that relaxes me. No sump pump stress.
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75 minute ride with 3x15 minutes at tempo pace, ri 2min

30 minutes of core later in the day.
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50 minutes of intervals on the Computrainer. Legs feel dead, but dead now is better than dead used to be.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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Fit Cross Class in a.m. I am feeling that workout today for sure. Hill repeats 8x2 min on TM between many meetings. Plenty of bozo stuff going on at work with me too Neismsco. At least I'm in good virtual company.
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Wednesday night, I began to think more about moving forward with my IM training than about how to get better so I took that as a good sign.

Did a brick.
1:10:00 on the trainer, steady increase from 55-65% FTP with 12x 20-sec high cadence intervals at 80-90% FTP. Then, I ran 1.4 miles. Good news: high temperature outside didn't bother me, pace was good. Not so good news: despite the deep tissue & Graston work done last week, the massage this week, my dedication to PT exercises & all sorts of rolling, and extra days of rest while sick, my left hamstring is still bugging me. Like it nagged during the entire 1.4 miles. Doesn't bother me when I walk or ride or swim. Had my chiro do some ART and K tape it today. Have an appointment with PT/coach early Monday morning.

Cheryl (aka cake)
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