Monday, June 8 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, June 8 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Busy so right to it for me...

Saturday: ~8 mile very technical trail run in roughly 1:30 time with 4 others.

Sunday: Freedom Run 5K, 20:20 (6:33 pace), 6th Master - Not very impressive numbers for me until I tell you that in a race of 1800 starters, I was the last (or at least among the last) starters in the race, I pushed the boy in the stroller, the stroller wheels were dead flat, and my first mile was something like 8:00 due to stop and go and dart for space to go from 1800 to 71 overall. Knew I would not get top 3 for Masters. Can't push stroller and do that in this race. I had been lined up by the front before the starting gun, and that would have surely turned my 20:20 into something more like 19:30, but the boy was having a bad day and needed to get out of the crowd of the front of the race and the fact that a large speaker was right there blaring volume. The boy had been and is still sick with what his sister had (103+ fever, etc), but he was rebounding so we figured the cool air of the morning, a temperature that was back to normal, and getting out of the house would be good for him. I won't say it was a mistake, but he was off and couldn't handle being around people. So immediately after crossing the finish line, instead of joining the after party (amongst the very best of any race), we sought out "choo choo's", police cars, fire trucks, and boats and city buses.

Monday: 3.5 mile tough, sluggish run early this morning.

Great day, friends!
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DOR for me
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Thor - So you're one of those stroller-folk who make us mere mortals green with envy That was a good race pic of you two, btw. At least you looked like you were having fun out there!

Triple day for me ... Usual commute (mid 18s in; ?? home over the 20+ mile route). Lunch was the hard-paced run for the week. Finished at 39:03 for the 5.3 route (7:22 pace). Couldn't hold it ... had to run 1/2 mile recovery at about the 4 milish mark, but rebounded for the last 3/4 miles or so. Still - given the humidity and the mistake of eating peanuts an hour or so beforehand, guess it was a good effort.

Great day all!
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Thor - aww, hope both of your littles are on the mend.

Easy yoga day. Pushed the limits yesterday, so everything is tighter than it needs to be. Also walked a couple of miles.

Happy Monday!
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Thor - Solid run with the boy! Hope both are on their way to bounce back.
Geo - Nice triple!

Early morning 6.5miles. 20min strength exercises during lunch time before kids came home (finals' week) and ruined my plan
Probably taking mtb for a 'meditation ride' in the evening.
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DOR. Not happy about it, but "being smart."

Funny how during the thick of training you think you'd really, really, really love an extra day of rest, but when circumstances force you to do just that it's just not that easy to take. Not running today. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess, and maybe I should not have done anything yesterday? Moving forward...
Will at least try to do a strength workout today (and, of course, my PT ex).

Cheryl (aka cake)
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Cak and Thor's kiddos............feel better soon!!
Geo: Excited to hear about your race this week!!!

I started a new workout program today called Body Beast. The trainer is hilarious. Old school weight training 5X week. Today was chest & tris & abs. Gonna feel that tomorrow.
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I have been really lazy the past couple weeks. Took a few days off trying to heal up a hip issue. But put in five runs last week and went for 3.3 miles after work in the heat today. Dont know, maybe I healed.

Sorry for flaking out, will have to scan through the daily threads and see if anything needs comments.
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3300yards in the outdoor pool, working on my tan hehe..
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