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Wednesday, June 3 Workouts

Commute day for me ... enlivened by my second squirrel encounter in two years. Hopefully I just got the tail (although maybe that's a bad thing, given the whole balancing requirement). At any rate, after the thunk, I saw it continue scampering across the road ... Sheesh. And then to top things off, got to work and discovered I have forgotten some critical kit .... Let's just say I'm feeling liberated as I type this post

At any rate - high 18's in. Will probably take a short walk at lunch, and same home for 40+ on the day.

MQ - Running Market Square Day 10K a week from Saturday. First road race in 4-5 years, and first time running that since '99 or '00 maybe. Fairly easy course, beside congested start through downtown Portsmouth. I really am kind of looking forward to it ... Should be a number of people from work there ...

Great day all!
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Nice 5.2mile run w/ 12/1.5 intervals which is new and pushing negative splits - last one was 11:36 which is SUPA SPEEDY for me. Felt GREAT.

OWS later if there isn't ice cubes in Lake Michigan
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Good morning, Y'all!


4 mile easy (but sluggish) run early this morning.

Great day!
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May get a ride in later today, but the morning was spent gardening. Feels good to play in the dirt now and then. In cool news, DS is now officially riding without training wheels! And his little sister (a very small almost 3 y/o) has commandeered his old bike and is zipping up and down the street wanting to race her brother...this girl will be riding on 2 wheels before she is potty-trained. :/
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Geo - speedy you! I bet you would surprise yourself tons.
Ron - you are doing great! If a small lake near me is this cold, Lake Michigan indeed will freeze you. Be careful.
Alicia - How exciting!

Early AM run, 7 miles. Lovely morning (upper 40's) but feeling like crap. Don't know why. 2mile walking during lunch.
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Geo - I agree, your flying!
MQ - Agree with Thor about the testing. My coach still writes workouts based on FTP, but generally I just go by RPE nowadays, so if feels like a 120% then I'm good. I don't trust my pwm anymore it's always low.. haha
Ron - Lake is too cold, but maybe down in Chicago its a bit warmer
Alicia - You inspired me to do some gardening, not this weekend but next. I need to have a weed pulling festival
cak - Great workouts, you're killing it
Yosh - good to have a group to bike with (sometimes), good morning here also

Me - went for long run today, 2 hours 45 minutes in the am, not sure on distance, but pace was long run pace, probably like 9s. Legs were tired, felt better midway. Got it done at least.

Later all!
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Holy workouts. When the IM's post here daily I feel kind of like a slug
GEO: Have a great race, I cannot wait to hear about it!
Me: 4 mile run and hardcore abs. Going to squeeze a walk in too, the sun has just come out of hiding!!!
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afternoon all!
ended up with 40 minutes on the trainer last night...w/DH right next to me...only time I *ever* get to ride right next to him...usually I'm looking at his backside waayyyy in front of me.

tried out the new sneaks at lunch today - lower body felt much better, but still tight at times...could be the sneaks, could be the almost 1 week off. We shall see.

Some awesome workouts going on!
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Up at the butt crack of dawn to the get to the airport. Traffic still ridiculous.
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Swam 3200y in the a.m. and ran 8.6something in the p.m. Had some work done on the left hamstring, so bagged the 1 mile repeats and just ran for total workout distance (minus some recovery distance because, well, no hard efforts from which to recover).

Cheryl (aka cake)
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