Monday, Apr. 13 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Apr. 13 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

It was a busy weekend for me. Felt great that the weather was warm -- spring is finally here!

Weekend Recap...

Saturday: 5+ mile trail run with two others. We kept it to 55 mins. Muddy and wet with some sections of snow but not as bad as we all feared.

A friend hooked me up with his friend's son who is a sophomore in high school running track and xcountry. I have been e-mailing with the kid for several months, offering tips and advice. On Saturday we arranged, at his request, that I look at his form for some issues he was having. I was able to nail his issue pretty quickly, though it'll take him a month or more to straighten it out. We met at a nearby track, so just about every 5 minutes we would run a very fast lap so that I could trail him looking at his stride and form. We only logged 5 to 8 laps, but with that break in there I didn't realize it would leave me a bit sore, especially in my trouble area, for my race the next day...

Sunday: Doyle's Road Race 5 Miler. Clocked 30:59 (6:12 pace) for 41st overall of 1500 and 12th Master. This race always has a very deep field being the week before Boston when all runners are either doing little or short races such as this. I never really felt smooth on this race. Much of it was tightness from the day before working with the high school runner on his form -- doing fast laps at the track periodically as I eyed his form. I hoped to go out aggressively and start feeling smooth by mile 1 or so, but it never happened. I did run fairly strong, but never did I feel the tightness loosen for a all-out stride. Still, I gave it my all and held strong through out. Was hoping to be closer to 30 minutes flat, but it didn't happen on this choppy up and down hilly course.

Monday: 3.5 mile easy run early this morning. Very tight and slightly sore from racing on already tight legs. So I have a good number of minutes per day working on that so that I can get back range of motion before Boston.

Great day, friends!
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Admirable how much you give back to the running community, Thor.

Uggh. That sounded like a real cluster-f, SBee! Took a quick look at their website ... seems like they've been doing this long enough that it should be a bit more organized about route planning, traffic management, and pre-race notification... It certainly sucks when the local populace gets surprised by a horde descending! And good thing that policeman stopped the car.

Yup - spring has sprung. Huzzah!! I think our opening group ride was Saturday - but I figured the roads were probably still a bit damp, and besides - I REALLY needed the sleep ... so totally bagged it.

Sunday went out for the first ride of the year (about 21.5 miles - slow ... around 15 I guess, as my cyclometer needed a battery which I didn't have).

Today was my first commute ... just the short 11.7 miles @ mid-16's. My knee is pretty twingy still. Hopefully it'll strengthen as I build up. Same back tonight AND a 4.5 mile run upcoming at lunch. It'll almost seem like a full workout day! I feel the fat melting off as I type
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First ride of the season!!! 22 miles in record time for first ride out, 15.8 average and it was very windy. I guess the spinning over the winter helped!

Nice race Thor!
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I have no idea why that picture is so big, OMG lol
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Thor - nice work all around!
Geo - yay to the first commute!
Julie - no snow in the background! Yay to the spring ride!

Back home finally last Sat after 9 days on the road. 6 schools visits, 2 broadway shows, 3 museums, 2 baseball games (boys only), and tons of walking, and about 30miles running, and phew so exhausted. Learned tons about different schools, varied approach to BFA vs BA, etc., double majors, minor options ,etc. Rather than narrowing our choices, more confusion & options are on the tables. Ugh. I really like American Univ in DC. Tons of $$ and DD prob has no chance to get merit scholarship.

Ran 12miles yesterday including 10 at faster than MP. Felt good thanks to low volume running over the last 7 days or so. 70F degree was a bit much for body. I figured I lost about 4 lbs worth of water (took 32oz gaterade but still lost 2 lbs weight). WOw, that seems a LOT. MP target was 8:45 but ave. at 8:16 way out and 8:27 way back.
Today was easy 5 miles. 2 weeks taper started!

It will take a while to get our routines back. It was a chaos this morning....
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Howdy all.

Saturday I recorded wind speeds for the long jump...for 4 hours. The upside is that I know how to assemble and disassemble a wind gauge now. At the collegiate level the minutiae is crazy. Looking forward to the upcoming multi day championship meets and being a floater around the field.

Sunday - 2.25 outside. Felt good during, but the hip tweaked later in the day while being mom.

Easy 15 minute spinto see if I could loosen things up today, plus lots of stretching. Hopefully I can get it back together.
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35 min stretching and foam roller,1hr yoga, visit to Chiro to release my ankle/foot (success) and then I'm about to go head out on a run shortly, 1:20.

I'm super happy my run Sat didn't nuke me. It was ABSOLUTELY the most divine, spiritual run I have had in YEARS. I could have kept going forever. 38 degrees, shorts a light pullover and gloves... Ahhhh
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11.5 run last night, trying to become one of you all again! Sunday was a great 58 mile ride..

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