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Monday, April 6 - Workouts!

A 2600yd swim this morning of the following:
6:44.3 - 400 warm up (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
5:07.1 - 300 drill on :20 rest,
6:01.8 - 300 kick on :20 rest (2 laps without flippers),
18:55.0 - 6 x 200 base intervals on :10 rest,
7:37.0 - 400 cool down on :20 rest (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
44:25.2 - total.

A 6 mile run after work with 2x2 mile intervals, followed by core this afternoon.

Have a great day!
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Reg: "Got to say that I sometimes envy you just starting the journey!"

I get that. I really do. I was just thinking about it. H and I always said that we would have two kids and be done, especially since the pregnancy and delivery were so tough on her. Although we are sticking to this, I could easily have another. I mean, the kids, at their ages, are just so much fun and rewarding. Maddie isn't there just yet, but Camden is so much fun. We have such a blast every single day. And I know it'll just get even better when Maddie turns the corner -- probably within 3 months. I would imagine the fun just gets better and better, building more and more each year, until they hit their teens when it starts shifting, if you will, and then gradually diminishing as they become more independent. So yes, that I have at least 13 more years of this does not at all get by me. I absolutely love these young years! It really is getting better and better.

Yoshi: "Did what Thor suggested. 3 miles w/u, 6 miles at MP, 1 mile easy, 3 miles at MP and 2 miles east... This workout covers the two key elements of a marathon training and was perfect for me... But I have to tell you... It wasn't as easy as I would like it to be."

Make sure you rest after this. If you do not rest, you will lose the freshness in your legs. These types of workouts this close to your race are awesome but need to be respected with ample rest. This is precisely why I only listed out 3 workouts per week for you. You can run more, but respect that you need rest after this.

And by the way, GREAT job getting this done.

RonBo: GREAT having you back regularly!

Weekend update...

Saturday: 13 mile run with three others in a down pouring rain. We were going to log 3 more miles, but the person who I was keeping company decided she didn't need the extra three, and since I was there only to support her, I was done too. Hilly route.

Sunday: 5 mile run.

Monday: 4.5 mile run. Decent pace. Legs feeling good. Dead legs are going away. This is no longer a question. Still there, but getting better and better.
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Thor - continue to enjoy them while they are little, it's SO much fun. Mine are a real PIA at times now and such fun other times just never know which way the wind will blow! Plus, good to be back! Trying to be more regular!

Me - 90min massage, tonight 90min master swim. Tapering for state (at least swim wise) so I suspect sub3000.

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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X - nice to see you regularly again! What's on the race calendar? Or is work insanity too uncertain to plan around?
Ronbo - again nice to see you here too! Looks like you are on track for Roth!
Thor - glad the legs are feeling alive, what a frustrating experience even if it was expected.

A busy Easter weekend with in-laws always brings DH and I closer as we realize how well we communicate with one another (listening to others bicker with spouses). Did get in a run to keep in line with my 3/week.

Today was just a short 20 min spin. Spring allergies turned cold virus are in effect so that's it for workouts today.
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Thor: OMG the pics of Cam and the Easter Bunny had me CRACKING up.......hilarious. The poor thing. That bunny looked very scary! lol

Yosake: Amazing how you are getting all this in on vacation.
Ronbo: Yes, it's great to have you around again!

Me: Worked out all weekend. Weights today and spin class later. Happy Monday!!
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Thor: my boys are teenagers now and I miss the years when I could just snuggle with them in my lap. Teenagers are a lot of fun too though.

Me: I am 5/5 for April workouts - streak will continue with strength training this afternoon.
Friday: Masters swim
Saturday: 35' swim and 90 minute trainer ride
Sunday: 60' easy/walk run
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Afternoon all!

Easy 4.5 miler with co-worker today. Conversational 9:00 pace ... A cool day here in NH.

Thor - It just goes by too quickly! And - judging by all your photos, I think you'll probably have a fun relationship all the way through the teens! Your good parent-hood shines through ... But before you know it, you'll be planning out your DD's college trip too

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Squeezed in a 3.5 miler over lunch. Took me a long time to finally make it to the locker room for some reason. Kept getting stopped by folks about various things.

Was able to get on some mountain bike trails that are only about a half mile from the parking lot. Lots of rain coming, so those trails won't be so nice soon.
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Shower in master bath in new house leaks onto counter in kitchen. Freaked then went to work. Left work and met H at Wilmington house for a few last minute things so open house could go as planned while we were away. Home late and alternate shower. finished packing for trip.
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