Monday, Mar. 23 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Mar. 23 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

All: Let's definitely do a TASM get-together run. Maybe we pick a date in May or even April. I'd be willing to host at my house for those in the Boston/NH area. Or we can go with MQ's new house. Either would work. Guess we'd need to pick a day and time that would work for most. Maybe we get a thread going on this at least by the time the Boston Marathon rolls around.

SwimmerBee: Tough luck on the bike. Sorry.

ksurp: I hear you about the germs going around. Since Jan 1 I can count on one hand how many days we've had where everyone in my house has been healthy. The kids are bringing back germ after germ from daycare.

Yoshi: Good sign on the legs. That's what you want to feel.

Weekend Update...

Saturday: 16 mile group long run. Had a few faster miles in there, but still nothing near what I hope to "race" Boston at. My limiter will be my body and the trouble areas that will tighten. Falling snow made it a bit slick.

Sunday: 6 mile run with two others. On the faster side since one of my buds wanted a near tempo run. "Near" as in fast but not so fast where we could no longer talk.

Monday: 4 mile easy run early this very cold morning.

Great day, friends!
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DOR but more packing later. We have a lot of crap.
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MQ - we, too, have a ton of crap. We are planning to put our house on the market next spring so the purge starts now!
Thor - nice running as usual.
SwimmerBee - yuck on the bike shop drama.
Yoshiko - yes, we need to get together for a slow run and some good dark stouts.

Bought yet another pair of new shoes this weekend and took them for a run this AM. 2 miles and they felt very good. Hopefully that continues. No twinges either!
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MQ: I don't envy you. We have been in our house 16 years and there is a lot of CRAP in the basement. Yuck!
Sparty: Hope the shoes work out
Thor: Boston is close, nice job!
Me: Push 2 weights done. 4:30 spin.
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Thor - thanks! And solid runs as usual, to you.
Sparty - definitely dark stout will be a part of this run. Yay to new shoes!
MQ - good luck with packing. It's hard to do, but I am trying to stick with 'if you didn't use for the last 3yrs, throw away/donate/give to somebody. Of course our unfinished basement is full of crap.

3.5mile. Legs are getting springy! I had to hold myself back. The tingling feeling is still there, more specific area between big toe and second toe. My quick google research tells me a possibility of Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It really doesn't affect running, walking, or anything, knock on wood, it is just there. Prob. no use to go to a doc? I am not getting any cortisone shot or anything anyway at this point. Doing some stretches learned from some websites. The race day weather looks... cold. 30-40F. Ha, my body is really used to that.

DD is heading to NYC this Thursday with her school choir. And she is getting a cold. Please send her a quick healing vibe!! She has been soooooooooooo looking forward to it. Thanks
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Quick healing vibe sent She's going to have a great time...

Very cold windy run ... just when you thought spring had turned the corner. Still - me and cube neighbor got it done... 4.5 miles @ 8:52 pace. Definitely good to see him get stronger up hills and recover faster. He's probably going to sign up for a few road races this year ... Think he'll do pretty well in his 60-69 AG!

Definitely sucky bike experience, SB (no ideas - unfortunately ... hopefully the bike shop will do right by you! Unfortunately in the quest to shave a bit of weight off components, many seem flimsier than they used to be).

Loved the new bike pics, Thor!

Great day all -
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I hauled my duffel bag with running gear for 182 miles total. Don't think that counts for much. I wasn't able to sneak out for anything, but the driving snow was a pleasant treat. Short spring.
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