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Monday, Mar. 9 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

RonBo: I LOVE having you back!!!! Marathon in July? Share some deets. I missed it.

Yoshi: Nice run this weekend. And hey, I might be wrong but I think you know why you rebounded on the second half of your run after taking in some fuel. Remember that you are an engine. Fuel up for your workouts. If you're trying to lose weight, remember that you will still burn far more than you can get in. Be the athlete you are capable of fueling up.

x: Solid consistency, as always.

zoj: Eesh. Sorry to hear about the slip. If it's muscular get on that foam roller!

Sparty: Happy to see you getting some consistency too!

Sweet Weekend Recap for me...

Saturday: 18 mile hilly but slow run with many others. Had two fast, solo miles early on but then joined the parade for a fun run. Was supposed to be 15 but had to stop for potty and then got lost (hence two fast early miles) and then stopped with someone else toward the end while another went on, and when we got back going again I realized the guy probably went the wrong way, so I put on the chase. Never found him. But I tried. And then I had to get home for daddy duties.

Sunday: 8 mile run with 2 miles at faster pace and 3 at tempo effort. My buddy wanted 3 speed miles, so I paced him. We probably got a solid 5K in at average pace of high 6's. He was appreciative of my coaching efforts. For me the best part aside from feeling great about helping him was the fact that I was able to do this the day after a long run. My legs are still sluggish from the dead legs, but they are giving me more and more light.

Monday: 4 mile slow, choppy run early this morning.

Great day, folks!
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Thor - Good to be back! Trying to be here regularly.

I'm doing Challenge Roth 140.6 in Germany 7/12/15. So yeah, I need to do a 26.2 in there somewhere

Yoga this AM
Masters this PM - guessing 4000
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- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Happy Monday!!!

Push 1 weights and hoping I make it to 4:30 spin class!
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A 2400yd swim, followed by strength training this morning. Swim was:
6:48.9 - 400 warm up (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
5:17.3 - 300 drill on :20 rest,
6:07.7 - 300 kick on :20 rest (2 laps without flippers),
16:14.4 - 5 x 200 base intervals on :10 rest,
7:31.0 - 400 cool down on :20 rest (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
41:59.3 - total.

Have a great day!
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Undecided for today. I'm having some weird numbness (like when you visit the dentist kind) on one side of my face. I have no other symptoms, aside from pins and needles in an arm (same side, but I can tell it's from a pinched nerve). Fear not - I have made a doctor's appt for Wednesday...clearly they did not seem concerned. Possibly related to my thyroid? Sinusitis? Raynaud's? Other than the face, I feel great!

The human body is a weird thing.

Anyway, I'll workout tonight or tomorrow night when DH is around - his request, just in case.

Happy Monday?!
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Ron/Thor - as committed as I am to a training, I am very lazy to figure out nutrition thing, I don't know why. I just like a minimalist approach. I have been running up to around 2hrs without any food/drink intake. And i am usually ok. (maybe I feel 'better' with it?) I did sip sports drink every 2 miles yesterday during the first 8.5miles, though. Yeah probably underfueled. I do want to lose a few lbs. Haven't monitored calorie intakes for some time and haven't lost much at all.

Sparty - hope the numbness is nothing serious. keep us posted. Enjoy the sun!

6 easy miles. Phew, legs were dead heavy, well nothing new. Good thing nothing really hurt
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4.5 miler with co-worker IN SHORTS AND T-SHIRT!! woo-hoo....

About 9 minute miles....

Nothing on the weekend, except trying to get ice / snow build-up off driveway...

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Sneaked out for 20 minute run at lunch. Wedged in between meetings so had to be short. Ran in sharts, light jacket, and NO stocking cap! Good stuff.
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Originally Posted by jkaiser20 View Post
Ran in sharts

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Hey You Guys!!!

I can't wait to get caught up on what everyone is doing!

After a crazy, snowy few months, I was glad to get out for a run yesterday in just capris and a long-sleeve shirt. Bring on Spring!!
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DOR for me

Sat: 1 hour run on TM with Robin on elliptical. Good times! Mr Briggs her dog hung out with us.
Sun: 1:45 on TR Virginia +1. N1 on her bike on Brian's kickr which fit exactly perfectly as they both ride 9 gears on 650s. She stuck it our for all but last 5 minutes. Pretty good since she does really ride at school and found our she squats 195# and she herself is only 110# max. Pretty crazy kid.

Finally finished my IMCDA 2009 scrapbook. I'm psyched about it!
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