Monday, Mar. 2 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Mar. 2 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Julie: Thanks for the good words on my week romp of the Boston Marathon course!

Yoshi: Really sounds like you're running very well. Happy to hear, especially after the psoas (sp?) issues that lingered far so long.

Reg: Good weekend for you, too, Mr. Mechanic! And nice way to enjoy the white stuff.

Sparty: Way to stay on it even with a cranky body.

x: Nice consistency even though you missed a workout. You're fit enough where it's no big deal.

Weekend Recap...

Saturday: 3.5 mile run. Easy, short.

Sunday: 29 miles on the Boston Marathon course. Led a group of 10 for a run of the full course. I have a policy of letting no one run by themselves, so I stayed with the slowest guy of the group after mile 17 and on (prior to that he had someone to run with). In staying with him, I doubled up on each of the infamous Newton hills (4 of them). This kept me near my friend and gave me 29 miles on the day. It also enabled us to be together for the final 5 miles together. Fun time. Beers and burgers afterward for the group. Many, many people on the course, including some very fast runners.

Monday: 1.5 (2?) mile run early this morning in the snow. An otherwise keep the streak alive day.

Great day, friends!
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A 2400yd swim this morning. Strength training this afternoon. Swim was:
6:51.0 - 400 warm up (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
5:09.8 - 300 drill on :20 rest,
5:54.7 - 300 kick on :20 rest (2 laps without flippers),
16:17.5 - 10 x 100 base intervals on :10 rest,
7:29.1 - 400 cool down on :20 rest (100 free,100 back, 100 breast, 100 free),
41:42.1 - total.

Have a great day!
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Nice Boston run, Thor. I saw the pic's on FB. I was surprised how 'little' snow there was. I also saw your post about the ultra race. Wow. BTW, thx for your kind words. I am thrilled about how this training is going for me.

8 easy miles. Legs weren't as dead as I thought they would be after yesterday's run. It seems this is a pattern. And Tuesday speed work always goes well

BTW, my DD found a prom dress yesterday
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Thor: That sounds like a great time. I am sure the runner you stayed with appreciated you
Yosake: Thank God she found the dress. Now, what about shoes? How is she going to wear her hair? LOL
Me: Just back from 9 mile run. Thought of Thor and Yosake when I was feeling tired. That shut the run devil up!
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DOR for me. This is a rest week for me and I'm looking forward to the pull back a bit.
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You all are awesome, in case no one told you yet today!

2.3 miles on the treadmill in my old shoes, tightened the treadmill belt and sped along on my 1:1 intervals. My body likes 10:00 pace a lot (my lungs aren't quite there). Also did 30min of yoga earlier in the day (50/50 hip openings and balance work). Really very happy with today's workouts!!
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40 minutes on the elliptical for me... moderate pace.

Nothing else exciting to report.... DD here going to prom as well, but no dress yet!

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1hr run w/ 7/3 intervals and then 90min Masters swim @ 3900. Pulling 1:30-1:32 for 8x100 at the end of that. Was pleased I had no problem holding on expect being tired!

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