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Thursday Feb 12th workouts

Yosake: I have to say I am really admiring your sticking to this 6 day a week training program in the winter, working full time, traveling and being a Mommy. Great job!!!

To my NE commuter friends: Hope it's better for you. The roads have been just a mess with all the MBTA issues, etc.

Burn 2 weights today. Wanted to get a walk in but not sure that is going to happen. It's also starting to look like I will be stuck doing my LR on the TM again. Sigh. At least I started training early so I would be able to have a few weeks to go shorter in case my knees had issues. This may be a shorter week than the schedule shows!
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I am truly amazed at how much snow the east coast is getting. Our ski areas have shut down due to the lack of snow. So much for learning how to cross country ski this year....

Starting something new this evening....
I am going to be working out with a strength coach for the next few months (at least) to help fix my imbalances. Some might suggest a psychiatrist but I'll start with this and see how it goes. lol
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Decided to move my run from this morning to this afternoon to give the temp a chance to warm up. Predicted wind chill for the afternoon when I head out should be around -1. So, a 15 mile trainer ride this morning with 7 miles at tempo effort. This afternoon will be a 6 mile run with 5x1/2 mile intervals.

Have a great day!
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Hello, hello, TEAM LIT!

Yoshi: Not too much on my race schedule. Doing my part to not be away from the family during these early years. I do have a few things but nothing like what I usually do, and again that's on purpose. I'll lead a group of 10-15 people on run of the Boston Marathon course on March 1. Although this will be 26.2, it will be slow. Two weeks later I have a fun 5K. Then Boston. Then in May a cool and very different 50 miler. Then in October a 100 miler! Thanks for asking.

Double for me today...

4+ mile run early this morning. Legs felt strong yet they were slightly fatigued. This was a filer run so I didn't push it. Very cold at 6F.

Then late morning...

6 mile TM speed run in 41 min doing Mona Fartlek:
Warm Up:
o 5 min ramp to 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
o 3 x 30 sec-1 min ramp to 10.0 mph (6:00 pace)
o 2 x 90 sec @ 10.0 mph (6:00 pace) w/equal rest as jog at 8:00
o 4 x 60 sec @ 10.2 mph (1 & 2) & 10.4 (3 & 4) w/equal rest
o 4 x 30 sec @ 10.6 mph (1, 2, & 3) & 10.8 mph (4) w/equal rest
o 4 x 20 sec @ 11.0 mph (5:27 pace) w/20 sec jog
o 20 sec @ 11.4 mph (5:16) w/1:30 jog @ 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
o 20 sec @ 11.6 mph (5:10) w/1:30 jog @ 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
o 20 sec @ 11.8 mph (5:05) w/1:30 jog @ 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
o 20 sec @ 11.8 mph (5:05) w/1:30 jog @ 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
CD - 2 min

Felt AWESOME to get the TM pace back to near 12.0 mph (5:00 pace). I haven't run that fast in many years. My legs aren't there just yet, and I have trouble doing this on the road, but this was really a sweet feeling to get back to some hardcore pounding of the TM. It was only 20 seconds, but I'll take it!

Great day, friends!
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Julie - thx for your warm comment. I have never had any issues with commitment/motivation to stick to the plan. Usually my body break down first. This time, Not! I feel your pain about TM runs. Play pushing buttons!
Thor - 100miles! Wow. I know it is tough (mentally, at least to me) to keep the balance of your wants (for races and for spending time with the family) and family's needs.
TT - good luck with the strength session!
x- I hear you about moving workouts around to deal with the snow/cold....

It was supposed to be 11mile (including 9mile at MP) today. But with strong wind & cold, and simply because I can't find time to run 11 today (wrestling's regional meet at 6pm today) I decided to switch with tomorrow's run. 6mile COLD run; 7F (feels like -11F due to twenty-something MPH wind). My feet/shoes felt frozen, thus my shin started hurting. Gosh this was a difficult run.
This means, 11miles -10- 10 for the next three days. Sunday is supposedly brutally cold. Ugh. Trying not to think ahead too much...
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Hi all ...

Just 40 mins moderate ellipticating for me (40-65% resistance in 5 min intervals). 5.8 miles 6:57 elliptication pace.

Nothing yesterday (busy day at work). Seems like I'm on a recovery plateau (quite a bit better - but still not completely rid of head congestion).

TT - re lack of snow, just heard on the radio that they were moving the start line of the Iditarod in Alaska by 300 miles or so, because there was not enough snow for the traditional starting location. They could definitely hold it around these parts! (in fact, I think the sled dog championships - whatever they may be - are held around here somewhere).

Yoshi/Jules - you are both showing some serious commitment! Definitely something I need to grit my teeth and do ... without commuting (and this head cold and shoveling/blowing disruptions ... no lack of excuses!) .... I'm definitely on an out-of-shape spiral!

Great day all!

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Waving hello! Very very easy 5k on the treadmill today. Before people panic about me overdoing it, it took me 46min.
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1:30:00 on the trainer this morning.
This evening, I subbed a 5.5 mile run with a ~55 min snowshoe (2.0+ mi). About 0.5 miles of it was breaking trail in snow in which I sank to about my knees and the rest was on somewhat packed path left by dog walkers. I would break trail for about 100 steps, then return to the path, repeat. Defs a good workout (HR zone II-III) even though I wasn't moving very fast at all.

Met with my coach/physical therapist at noon. A good meeting. I'm moving well, but we're still trying to "fix" the way my abs are firing. Got some new and tortuous exercises for that which include a lot of focus on my breathing. When I asked about the 4 rides a week that are coming up on my plan, he responded with, "You want to improve don't you?" Sigh. I do.

Cheryl (aka cake)
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I did the FitCross class at FitRev for strnegth then did my run technique workout on teh treadmill with youTube specific run exercises. Then home inspection and met with bank person. All good.
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