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Monday, January 12 - Workouts!

Good morning everyone!

It was a solid weekend of workouts for me.

Saturday - I had a 12 mile run on my schedule. I chose to run at the Morton Arboretum because the roads are low traffic and they plow pretty well. The downside is that it's very hilly (for Northern Illinois). Did a full 7.5 mi loop and my lower back was killing me and hamstrings started to hurt, so I called it a day. Our tri-club had its annual party that evening, a very good time was had by all.

Sunday - 3 hour group trainer ride in the morning and an hour of x-country skiing back at Morton Arb in the afternoon. There were some patches of grass showing through the ski trails, so it wasn't the best, but I needed to get out there. We got a good dump of snow last night, so hopefully the skiing next weekend will be better. And then at 8 pm I realized I hadn't got my minimum 1 mile run in, so I went around the block.

Monday - Ran just over 8 miles, dodging the snow plows. It was very slow, like 9 min/mi. Part of that was the poor traction, part of it is my hips are tight from the ride on Sunday. I'll hit the gym tonight.

I ended up with 40 miles running last week, and 14.5 the week before and nothing prior to that. So it's an aggressive build up and I understand that my speed won't come back immediately. It's 14 weeks until Boston and I'd like to start my training plan 12 weeks out, so I need to be aggressive.

Have a great week, tri-peeps!

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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Alaska Mike: Great weekend for you even though it started slow with the Saturday run cut short. And way to keep the streak alive last week!!!

Yoshi: Love your consistency.

Weekend Recap...

Saturday: 90 minute trail run wearing spikes with 4 others. A very fun early morning run covering, maybe, 7-8 miles. Trails were very technical and had an icy, snowy 1 to 3 inches. Just enough for spikes but not too much to bog down.

Sunday: 90 minute trail run wearing spikes with 2 others. Another fun way to enjoy the cold, snowy weather, although I must say the trails only had a trace of snow and ice and few places none at all, but it was perfect for spikes. Far better than running on roads!

Monday: 4 mile easy run early this morning.

Great day, gang!
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DOR for me.

Basement still in progress. Things always take longer than we think they will and had too many other things on Sunday to just gut it all out. Luckily H is home now working on it. Need to get myself out of my own head space and get my head on for IM training. It will start sooner than I think and I need to find a way to fit it all in. I feel that this IM journey will be very different for me than the others.
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Cough kept me up for much of Saturday night/Sunday morning so Sunday I just walked the dog.
Slept better last night, so hoping to get on the bike later today.

Came across this article and thought of Swimmerbee:

"Winter swimmers from around the world will descend on Lake Memphremagog in Vermont for the inaugural United States Winter Swimming Championships in February."

Cheryl (aka cake)
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Howdy, kids. I've been busy (but lurking) and wanted to pop in and say hi. I've been sending virtual hugs and cheers and stuff along the way.

As all of you who are FB friends with us know, we got a puppy so it's a little crazier (and much cuter) around our house these days. I've been sidelined to the couch since last Wednesday since I was able to donate bone marrow again to the same patient as last Feb. I'm sad he needs it, but happy to be able to help. Recovery is rougher this time, so I'm laying much lower.

I'm setting a tentative goal of one easy "workout" by this coming weekend - must get back on the eating well bandwagon too. Easy to fall into bad habits when you're crankopotomus.

Oh, and MQ and others - someone pointed me at the other day. Some very interesting thoughts in her posts.
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Alaska M - Sounds like a fun weekend to get the Boston training in the gear! Holly smokey buildup plan!
Thor - thx for your words. What kind spike do you wear? do you wear anything else to keep snow coming into the shoes?
cak - sounds rough. hope you can sleep better tonight!
MQ - are you remodeling the basement? Is your handy DH working on it? Mine has been talking about finishing it himself... he is handy but not enough time in the world to do that himself. But of course who wants to hear my opinion?
em - good to see your post. And saw your puppy on FB. How cute! Also read about your donation of bone marrow. What a great self-less kind act. Hope the recipient is doing well. of course you too.

6mile on wet, snowy messy road. Luckily some sections of bike path (next to the road) was clear so I ran there instead of sidewalk. I was ready for slow slog based on the tough going toward the end of the yesterday's 12miles, but again surprised myself how light I felt.

My sleep got cut short thanks to this nasty coughing AND giving the kids a ride to school. Not quite comfortable yet to let DD drive on very slippery roads with numerous spinning accidents..... sigh....
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YoSake- You've been sick for a really long time. Take care of yourself!
Mike- Good to see you back.
Thor- Trails in the snow! Sounds like a lot of fun!
Em- I love your puppy posts!!!!
Cak- Feel better!
MQ- When does training start?

Weekend recap- Lots of walking and trying to be as active as possible to see how I tolerated it. I also got my bike put onto the trainer!
Walking again today! Tomorrow, I start running again.
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Hi gang!
looks like today is an unplanned got in the way and then I had to overnight my son's uniform cover to tonight I have a chiro appointment and then off to the mountain to pick up DD...busy day.

Saturday we got the GS cookies and they are all lined up in my garage...

Sunday - a decent day on the slopes, but hands kept getting cold to the point of being painful. DH bought me a pair of heated gloves as a late Christmas gift...will try them out next week...

Feel better everyone!
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Yoshi: We are semi-remodeling basement. Basically spiffing it up by painting and replacing the flooring and putting somethings back into a different location and getting rid of some things, etc.. Luckily Hubster is talented and has some time since he works for himself and right now is light on furniture commissions. This spiffing up was an xmas gift to me as well which I thoroughly appreciated.
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Everyone who is sick: I am sending healing vibes to you!!!!!
X3 deccelerator and 3 mile TM run/walk. I am quickly becoming a TM girl. Who would of thought.............
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MQ - deep breaths, you fill it in everything that you need (as you exceed your own expectations).
Yoshiko - UGH! Still coughing? Are you using your inhaler?
Julie - do you own PiYo? I've been debating buying it...
AK Mike - nice weekend! I follow Birkie on FB, looks like things are going well for snow up there.
MoCo - you're pretty wonderful.
Kaiser - I saw you posting in the 2015 thread...get over here!
Cak - hoping you are on the upswing.
TT - keep on keepin' on!

20min on the treadmill today with a half mile of running sandwiched in there. 7 weeks without running didn't really make a dent in the pain even though my strength and range of motion are good, so I figured why not give it a shot. My cardio endurance is non-existent.
Ibuprofen and heat tonight. DH asked me to start getting up early with him to workout and hold him accountable. I've never been a huge of fan of 5:30am, but I do love my husband so...yay!...
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MQ - what a wonderful gift! Maybe you can post after pic.
TT - I can't believe I am still coughing; it's like 4 weeks?? I have no sign of having a cold AT ALL.
Sparty - Yes I am using inhaler; wish I could use it every few hours. Prescribed every 4hrs. Seems to be helping. Thinking to visit Doc again.. Yay 5:30am!! (not jealous at all).....
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YoSake FWIW I saw my doc on Friday (its been nearly 2 years due to the ongoing obamacare mess here) as my inhaler was used up I was wheezing and she said the wheeze was triggered from my nose and gave me nasal spray...maybe you too, she also gave me a new inhaler. I hope your answer comes soon!

So me-Doc visit Friday, there may be an to resolve after more testing and a long wait for tests I guess. I also swam Friday am
Saturday-we had an endless go/no go thing going with the weather but it dawned clear so we went for a 43 mile ride with hills big one at the turn around point. One rider and I had decided we wanted to push the pace (the 2 others having pegged me as newer and needing a slower ride) I guess we pushed a bit too hard as there were complaints at the end. We got in 14 miles @ 19-20 mph avg (rural road no cross streets big hill in the middle). Then a decent speed at the end (I did bail on a potential final last hill and took the winding park road instead)

Sunday it was raining. pouring and I had some urgent work, so a soggy evening hill walk of 4miles was it for me.
Today ahs been, so far, a DOR filled with that urgent work. My legs want to spin out and I have a new demo saddle to demo, so I am having a mental struggle, hop on the trainer while my work is reviewed (needs to be sent out at midnight) or just crash on the couch...
Stay tuned for more on the story

I would like 5:30 am if I wasn't always up so late getting things out for the next day. Since I am "out west" my customers feel free to load me up at the end of their day. No real complaints as it lets me workout in the day time very often.

I see I've been working too hard because I'm typing too much all about me ME ME. I do like reading about everyone else. Yo and Sparty get BETTER Tam enjoy the run.

Oh and a final upcoming project for me shall be rebuilding a retaining wall. Finally managed to get 2 estimates but they are too ridiculous (just reinforcing that no one wants this small miserable job) so digging and hauling will be in my near future! If any one has expertise on such a project please share!
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Originally Posted by SpartyGirl View Post
Julie - do you own PiYo? I've been debating buying it...
Yes, I do and I really like it. It's a combo of yoga & pilates but with lots of dynamic movement in between poses so you are not holding poses for a long time. There are a lot of different workouts to choose from. Some as short as 20 minutes and the longest is 48 minutes.

I love the trainer Chalene Johnson and have a few of her other programs (yes, I am a Beachbody addict). I did Piyo over the summer and it was a great addition to my swim/bike/run as I was tri training.

Also, I could never do a side plank on my toes and hardly any pushups on my toes when I started and by the end I had a huge improvement on both of those.

If you do decide to buy it, my friend is a coach, here's a link (same price but she would get credit)
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