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Monday, Jan. 5- workouts!

Hey all! I'm back. Okay, not 100% but I'm going for a walk today!
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DOR for me.

Hope everyone is feeling better like TT.
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Welcome back TT! We've missed you

Back to the grind today. Started work at 6:30 which I think was a mistake. I feel like the work day should be over and it's 1:57. Oops!
X3 decelerator at lunch. 4:30 spin class. Really digging spin class again!
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Welcome back, Tammy!

MQ - like you, don't feel like stepping on the scale. I've been giving into my sweet tooth far too much lately. I have the willpower of a dandelion clock in a force 10 gale.

5.9 mile run at lunch. Ran with a co-worker for first 2.5 or so - then he split off to run a bit further. Very breezy and a bit cold - but nothing compared to what's coming!

Happy 2015 everyone ... As Yoshi said, nice to get the fresh annual start to brighten perspectives ... I need to break out of some slumps....

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Welcome back TT!
MQ - I am very impressed about the way you spend time with your nieces. I am sure it is great benefits to your nieces AND to your sister (or brother). What young adults can learn from non-parents adults are tremendous, I think.
Julie - I hear ya. DD freaked out driving last night in snow/icy conditions and refused to drive school this AM. She did, but I had to go with her and DS. Yep 6:15am wakeup call. I am done for the day too.
Reg - definately single digit is your way. What's the coldest (no rain, no snow, no major wind) you would consider commuting on bike??

I think I am skipping running today. No major complains but feel a bit tight around hammy/groin. Usually a night sleep takes care of this kind of stuff and I am good to go next day. But I have been running 6 days/wk for 8 weeks now (exact to the plan!) at the solid volume (to me) with no stepdown week and hit 51.5miles last week, first time in more than a few years. So skipping here would do me way bigger good than losing anything. I am pleased with the fitness progresses I have seen so far. A bigger concern is always muscle/tendon being able to keep up with that or not. It is supposedly easy recovery 6 miles anyway (I truly believe the benefits of running easy on recovery day, though).

May row, or spin bike or something just to get sweat out. I had a full night sleep two nights ago without coughing waking me up!
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Laying low today. More chicken soup, OJ, and other supplements in my arsenal. Also, started hitting the neti pot last night. Woke up feeling about the same as yesterday, but I think I'm feeling better now than I did when I woke up. *fingers crossed*

Cheryl (aka cake)
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To all fighting the yuck, I hope you're feeling well soon!

Yoshiko - it sounds like you are keyed in and doing the right things. Race is early March, right?

PT this morning. We are going to try dry needling next week. I have full range of motion, but still have pain (more than I'm willing to push through). Strength has improved, but my right glute is slow to fire. Overall, improvements so I'm moving forward!!
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Yosake: Yes! To being smart!
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run this am...ended up working at home as DD was sick. keeping fingers crossed that I don't get it!

Feel better everyone!
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Yay for TT and Yoshiko starting to improve!
I am feeling better but had all kinds of "fun" this am, starting with arguments with the post office (they deliver mail I send to me, they don't' deliver mail sent to me why??? trainee, holiday blah blah frustrating)
Then all kinds of "fire alarms at work but I got out at 3:30 to demo another saddle (Fizik Vesta, the first women's saddle I've liked). So we did a quick 19.5 mile ride or it might have been more the receiver on my nashbar kept blinking out...
Fun ride and it was hot out (and cold inside form the previous night).
Next ride is Saturday and I have to decide between checking out another saddle and spending time with a set-up I'm used to. The bike shop is a 30 minute drive each way
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