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Friday, Boxing Day Workouts

52 mile solo ride; mid-16's.

Christmas Miracle ... we got our Internet back...

Hope everyone's having a great holidays!

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Geo - woohoo to Internet and 52miles. Unseasonably warm but Windy? If you are getting our weather of yesterday.

Back in town before noon due to DH's conf call, which I have no complains with. Got things in order quickly (less gifts to haul around these days) and went for a 6-mile run to the library to pick up "Dead Poet Society". Watch it later....DH and I will head out to watch Unbroken soon!
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4 mile run and long walk, beautiful weather!
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~3.8 miles this am...def needed it as it got rid of the sugar coma!
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I managed 1.75-2 mile ow swims friday-tuesday including our 25th annual Christmas eve swim with some stiff surf. Yesterday an easy 15 mile ride. The asthma still hasn't settled good days and bad with my obamacare insurance I can't see a doctor so its a bit difficult, next year could be better (switched to a new hmo). So it goes.
I did lots of entertaining and cooking too! I am going to try a longer group ride tomorrow wish me luck!
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