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Weekend - Dec 20/21, workouts!

Keysor - congrats!
Beth - yeah watch out, kids grow up so quickly. Our kids tried many things as they grew up and stayed with certain activities they enjoyed. Lucky to be able to give them opportunities to try. Eli will find what he likes!

6 miles with DH after dropping off DS at the wrestling meet. That the good part and being stuck here until 3 or 4 is the bad part. I start seeing patterns - a day after 3 non-easy run days, I feel great. Two days after, I feel crap. This backs up the pfitzinger's reasoning behind back-to-back hard days.

So far DS - 1 win, 2 losses (all pinned)
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Yosake: Long day! Glad the training plan is working out.
Kaiser: Good luck on the job hunt!

Me: Spin class and X3 incinerator. In process of goodie making (bon bons, chocolate pots de crème, pistachio lace cookies) and Christmas wrapping. I am on vacation until Jan 5!
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Did 90' swim at Masters this morning. It was part 2 of our Triple Crown series - 50 swims on 1:45. I did a mix of 50s/75s and squeaked in 3 100s for a total of 3150 yds. My arms are a little tired as this was my first swim in almost 3 weeks. This was immediately followed by Christmas and food shopping. I managed to get out the shopping area before it got really busy.

DS lost his hockey game today. Now that he is in the checking age group 2 of his teammates are taking it overboard with cheap shots when they get frustrated and they get lots of penalties which drags down the rest of the team. They only have 8 kids + the goalie so playing man down is even more challenging because they wind up with even longer shifts. Fortunately DS has managed be appropriately aggressive without losing it. Back to the rink tomorrow! (Poor scheduling though, his game starts at 12:30 and the Pats game starts at 1pm)

Julie: Happy vacation! I have the same vacation - for the first time in years we have 2 full weeks for school vacation instead of going until the 23rd and returning on the 2nd. Yay!
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Nothing for me Fri & Sat...just a couple of holiday parties and plenty of shopping...

Got my butt outside and did 3.7 miles...felt pretty good actually.

DD tried out and is now officially a ski instructor!! So proud of her!
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Julie - Me too (about vacation till Jan 5). Finally the tree is decorated. Wrapping is next (next few days that is...)
ksurp - sounds like a challenging master's swim! Good for you! I have no idea how hockey gets played, but at least I know it is a good thing not to get hurt.
zoj - congrats to your DD. That's impressive.

12miles for me. 3miles to the trail, 6 miles there and ran home. legs feel really good. Just L lower back gets so tight
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HI all.

Sat 2 hr bike class.. fun.. NOT

Sunday 6 mileish treadmill run.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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Yes, Z - congrats to DD! So great to read all the parenting stories around here. I'm sure we all have our moments (at least I have ...) - but it's easy to see the example everyone on here sets and how it is paying off in the accomplishments of your DDs/DSs!

38 mile group ride for me on Saturday AM. Low 15s ... About 7 brave souls braving the 22F at start weather ... Thankfully no flats for anyone!

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Crazy weekend. Felt like I never sat down and I likely did not.
N1 visited Friday night for take out and hang out with me and she brought the BF along for an auntie assessment. He was fine. I try not to get too involved. They are young and life is long.
Ran 6.5 miles Saturday a.m. with N2 and caught up on her first semester of college. She is loving it and the miles flew by faster than I had imagined. Partied that night with friends. Made cookies and burned half. Ugh! B made homemade eggnog. Shopped at Rest. Depot. Laundry, dry cleaning other assorted crap.
Sunday: nothing workout related but did lots of stuff making ice cream and getting groceries and other assorted errands. Got caught up on our financial book keeping.

Still left to do:
decorate tree
finishing making ice cream (B made a bunch yesterday and I was on KP duty.)
start on appetizers for Wednesday
wrap gifts
put boxes in attic before E arrives to clean tomorrow
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