Wednesday, Dec. 17 - WORKOUTS! -
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Wednesday, Dec. 17 - WORKOUTS!

Good, good morning, TEAM LIT!

So I started using the "Good morning, TEAM LIT!" greeting a long, long time back. What it came from was the movie Good Morning, Vietnam with Robin Williams, and when I type it each day to start the daily bread thread, I say it in the same way Robin Williams did in the movie. Anyway, since Robin Williams' passing, Heather and I have been lining up his best movies and re-watching them when we have time. We just received in the mail Good Morning, Vietnam! Cannot wait to watch. Though it does take us up to two weeks to find time for it. So still might be a while.

Yoshi: I'm not sure what's with the dead legs. It's really odd. If I cannot turn it around, I'll see a doctor and/or PT. I say doctor because I am starting to feel that my body has learned to produce a fatiguing type chemical (lactate acid) on first since of the foot landing on the ground. I have heard this from others (just not using the right language to describe it) who've been here. Problem is that most people never get to where I am. But it is dead legs, which is really a catch all term grouping many issues. But yeah, I do miss doing a 6 mile run and feeling as if I could just keep going. I haven't had one of those in maybe about a year or longer. Going for me is that my motivation is still very high. Otherwise it would be easy to just shift gears towards something else entirely.


5.5 mile easy, slow run early this wet morning.

Great day, friends!
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Those who are under the weather, rest up! Drink lots of water and hot tea

Maybe we should start 'what is your favorite Robin Willliams movie?' Hard to pick - Good Will Hunting and Mrs. Doubtfire are on the top for sure. I am sure there are more.

Thor - Sounds like something only your level of runners would know/experience. Hopefully it is something reversible with a proper rest/treatment. Keep us posted.

DOR, well, at least from running! Yesterday's Barre class was tough. Since my speedwork finished only 1.5hr prior to the class, my legs were shaky. Lost a balance a few times during the challenging moves which require some serious stable legs (you dancers among us will know). Plus, the instructor challenged us quite a bit. But of course, I loved it. Body is doing well, to my pleasant surprise. Human body is such an amazing tool - can adapt to the new work load.
Massage later. And some hip exercises for sure.
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2 mile easy run yesterday. Will do a 60' trainer ride this afternoon.

I get to go to Uganda for 2 weeks in April!

This is part of the Teachers for Global Classrooms program through the State Department. I will be traveling with a cohort of other teachers from around the US, work with teachers and students there, and see the sights. I am so excited about this opportunity!!!
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Ksurp - too cool!
Yoshiko - Its nice to 'hear' the joy in your workouts. It sounds like you have found a very good mix to keep you healthy and happy for this training cycle.
Thor - mind boggling dead legs, here's hoping you find the right path to revive them before your motivation begins to wane.

PT this morning went great. I haven't had any pain, at least no acute pain just muscle fatigue. Zero gravity treadmill next week!
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That is exciting, Kirsten! Congratulations on being selected (or applying for the program) ... Lots of photos when the time comes!

Just watched Good Will Hunting a month or so back ... kids both liked it. I took "Good Morning Vietnam" out of the library not too long ago, but didn't get around to watching it (again) before it was due back. Definitely will take it out again during DS's winter break. I haven't seen "Dead Poet's" in a long time either ... I'm a sucker for teacher movies, and it was certainly one of RW's critically acclaimed roles... so, another one to re-watch.

The library just ordered my favorite Christmas Carol of all time (my "It's a Wonderful Life" - based on family viewing), so looking forward to some seasonal viewing.

Oh ... and workouts 4.5 mile run with co-worker. About 9 mms.... No riding today ... too wet. Last night's ride was definitely cold with a constant foggy drizzle...

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Been a few days...
Monday - weights and Zumba w/DD
Tuesday - was supposed to get to the pool, but alas work (that dang 4 letter word) got in the DOR
Wednesday - 3.7 on the dreadmill...done, but blech.

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I ended up riding the bike for 45 to watch another episode of Grimm.

3 workouts on Tuesday may not have been my best decision. I ended up at the pool that evening with Robin for 1500. Yards flew by and was happy to share them with her.

Calves KILLING me from Tuesday functional class. I forgot how much I love and how something different hurts every week when I do this type of training.
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