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Thursday, Dec. 11 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Date night last night with the honey. Funny, a few nights ago she told me she put in for a contest to win tickets to "Guess who's coming to town for a quick concert?" My favorite band! I hadn't known they were coming, so I Googled around a bit. That's when I found online another contest from a different radio station (one I listen to) for tickets to the concert. It was appealing because although it was a far drive, it was in a very small venue. I had never seen this band in concert but know they put on a **** good show. We never thought we'd go. We wouldn't win tickets. And we wouldn't be able to find a babysitter. Well, I got a call at work on Tuesday saying I won! And so we went. So even though she didn't win the tickets for me, her attempt set in motion for us to go. Really intimate venue for a concert to see your favorite band even if it is a short show. Fun time. Late night.


4.5 mile run early this cold and wet morning. Timed a truck just perfectly so that as it drove by, it hit a puddle and soaked me through. Lucky me in that cold water!

Great day, friends!
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If only you knew someone who lived in that town.

45 minutes on the trainer for me last night.
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Thor: Band? Location?

Hubster and I decided to try Fit Rev with a groupon. We each bought 10 classes for $20 and started today with a fit cross class at 6:15 a.m. Boy am I out of shape strength-wise. I have plenty of cardio fitness but my strength sucked. My arms were already feeling it just with washing my hair. So I'm telling B that I'm pretty sure triathlon klilled my killer abs and strength fitness. I used to be in better shape I swear. He laughs.

Great day everyone!
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Weights scare me

40 minutes on the exercise bike. Wish they had real spin bikes in the gym, because those saddles do not fit my posterior at all. 14.6 virtual road miles....

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Nice Thor! I like O.A.R.

Hope the East Coast is drying up.
I really need to renew my commitment to the strength (particularly hip) exercises. I did 30min. yesterday.

Tempo run day. 8 miles total with 6miles at MP. With wind and some uphills/downhills, I just can't get the pace down. Ave. 8:36. HR ave'd at mid-150. Trying to tell myself to slow down, no point of running faster than the recommended pace, avoid injuries.

Excited about the first Wrestling meet tonight. Will see if I can handle watching somebody trying to hurt DS.
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For all you people talking about strength, I am telling you P90X3 is the ticket! 6-7 days a week, 30 minutes a day. 3 Month program, changes each month. Flexibility, Strength and a little cardio (think cardio with weights, plyo). I love it and you don't have to think about what you are doing, just hit play and listen to Tony.

Thor: Sounds like fun!

Me: X3 lower eccentric and 30 minute run/walk on the TM. Slowly adding runs after 8 days off. Trying to find that balance with the knees.
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1:45:00 on the trainer this morning.
TrainerRoad Moose's Tooth ("6x6-minute over-under intervals with 1-minute valleys at 95% FTP and 2-minute peaks that ascend to 105% FTP; recoveries between over-unders are 9-minutes long"). The recoveries were a bit long, 6 minutes would have been better.
Really wanted to ride at least 2 hours since I'll be away Fri-Wed (and away from the pool and the bike), but got a late start.

Cheryl (aka cake)
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