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Friday, November 14 - workouts!

I'm sure folks are working out today!

Hoping to squeeze in a short run after work.

{{{Team LIT}}}
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Cheryl (aka cake)
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5 mile run with co-worker at lunch (hadn't run with him before). A little brisker than with other co-workers, but still conversational ... about 8:10-8:15 pace.

Thanks for the group hug.

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(((((((((Team LIT))))))))))). Ok, Cheryl that made me cry.

5 mile running buddy run this morning and X3 challenge. Just had a pomegranate martini . Cheers Barb!
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2x 12/13(= 25 miles total) mile loop rides, I had to take a teleconference in the middle so looped back to the car, the day went from rain to hot sun.
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No workout for me today. I am currently chaperoning a semi formal high school dance. Looking forward to a beer when I get home.
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posted on yesterday's thread...

3.2 miles in our (brief) winter wonderland
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Just Yoga. Bad headache, no energy and some music talking about life made me tearing up. Lots of child pose. Good thing the room was dark.

Here is the Michigan's own Founder's Porter to you Barb. Smooth sailing.
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This little community of ours rocks!

Long day of more breathing treatments for DS with the news to continue treating every 6hrs through the weekend. Poor guy is ticked that he's not allowed outside this weekend.

2.3 mile run/walk on the treadmill at 9pm. Tired mama.
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