Thursday, Oct. 23 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, Oct. 23 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Yoshi: Hang tough with all of those meetings and driving.


4 mile splash in an absolute down pouring rain early this morning. Was soaked through before I hit the end of the driveway. Legs absolutely trashed from Iron Strength workouts. Funny because I did less than half what I was doing for Grand Canyon training, but those three weeks down for taper, R2R2R run, and rest were enough to rest the clock.

Great day, friends!
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Yoshi: I HATE days like that. When I have to travel for work meetings and then they have "Team Dinner"? Give me a break can you at least get the night off to do what you want? Hope the traveling calms down for you soon!

Me: Weights FIB 5 Mile interval treadmill run. On days like today, I am thankful I have a treadmill in my house.

Rain, rain go away! lol
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Beautiful blue skies in the mitten. Big weekend ahead (Go State) with everyone converging on MSU. Easy walking today and maybe a trip to buy some new 5lb weights. Cleaned the entire basement and still can't find the darn things.
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I didn't mind having one Team Dinner on business trips, it was just when there was team dinners every night of a five day meeting that it got old quickly. Of course, in my current job I don't travel at all so that's not an issue anymore.

On Saturday I did an 'Ultimate Conditioning' class at the gym which included a lot of lunges, squats and core work. On Sunday I was supposed to do 20 miles with the Horndog. Got through 15 just fine, struggled through mile 16 and then my body shut down. Ended up flagging a ride back to the car.

Did an easy 7+ miles today. My backside from the lower back to my knees is sore. I think I have some muscle imbalance issues and I know I need to do some core exercise.

Have a great day, tri-peeps!
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I have a conference coming up- Saturday through Wednesday lunch and sadly there is something planned for Sunday-Tuesday nights. At least I have Saturday night.... ???

This afternoon I'm headed to the gym for some rowing and weights!
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Unplanned rest day. Another night of sub 4 hrs of sleep and wind and rain sealed the deal and I turned my alarm off. Ugh, 2nd medium ling weekly run in a row I've missed. Oh well, planning iron strength (abbreviated version) tomorrow on my real rest day to make up for it.
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Yesterday, I also had travel, all day meetings and "customer" meals. I chose to park a mile away and got everyone to walk past there to lunch. I had several of these people complaining I was trying to "kill them" with this terrible long walk. The worst offense was that their fitbits would record the walk and then they'd be expected to repeat or exceed it ...just doing my part to feed the fitbits (which apparently reported the distance as 1.5 miles each way) In the unfitbitted world I made that 6miles of walking plus pacing around the conference room!

Today was a fast 1.5 mile ow swim between meetings warmish water and fairly smooth but churned up..

I think it was Geo with the thoughts to "The birds" for my hummers and they are frightening when they come down in a crown with their needle beaks and buzzing. More frightening is how fragile they are.

I will be sure to look for the hidden sugar cubes before the next ride. which will be in the next 2 days. I just read the Marathon RR's and I am in awe!
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1 mile run, a 2500yd swim and an hour trainer ride this morning.

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Thx for your comments in my travels... SB - that's funny that you had your associates walk!

Squeezed 30 min of strength training before 8 hrs of meeting. All of us traveling to the site wanted not to stay another night. So we left at 5:30pm, me with five-hr drive. Stopping at Applebee's....... Speed was good.
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Another run for me this evening, similar to the last two.
Still cool and rainy out, although not as windy, but I opted to do this one on the treadmill.
I've finally managed to catch a bit of a cold. Not thrilled about the timing on this since my half marathon is on Sunday, but there you are. Have decided to not swim tomorrow in the name of resting up a bit more and not getting wet.

1.25 mi warmup then 2x 1/4 at sub-2:00 with 2 minute recovery, 1.0 mi cooldown.
Ended up with 2.9 mi total.

Cheryl (aka cake)
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I got on the bike for 45 at lunch instead of venturing out in that biblical weather we had yesterday. Yikes! What a crazy weather day. Glad to be able to work from home for it. A guess a guy in the office here had to buy a new outfit at Marshall's yesterday he was so soaked from his morning commute and did not want to sit in sopping wet clothes most of the day. Yikes!
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