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Yo Sake 10-08-2014 06:31 PM

Thursday, Oct 9 - workouts!
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Sparty - hope doc can make reasonable connection and explanations re your recent misery and your known hashimoto's. And come up with the treatments.
MQ - have fun in Chicago!

1.5hr running around Nagoya. Some pic

Will try to squeeze two workouts in two different time zones today. Will see how I feel after 13hrs flight!

xflbk43 10-09-2014 08:56 AM

I was dragging today and had trouble getting started due to not sleeping well last night. Had a 6 mile run and 60 minute trainer ride scheduled, but due to the late start I didn't have time to complete both of them, plus I was just not feeling it. Got my 6 mile run in and cut the ride to 30 minutes. Tonight should be better since I won't be awake worried about Tracy driving home by herself late at night.

Have a great day!

regiolanthe 10-09-2014 09:27 AM

Morning all ...

Mixed commute day for me. Long in; short back for about 31 on the day. Going short so I'll make it to music club about on time ... themes = 1) song that you know well, but hear something new/different/refreshing in even after multiple listens and 2) alternate/lesser-known version of a song (cover version, live performance, etc).

Castle looks stunning, Yoshiko. Interesting that in the statue the soldier(?) was holding a musket/rifle - given the fascinating bit of Japanese history that they spurned firearms during the period of sakoku.

Sparty - Ugghh! Good luck with the answers ... and my sympathies for the medical rounds (they are very inconvenient).

Great day all,

juliemboyle 10-09-2014 10:28 AM

Sparty: Healing vibes! Hope they can figure something out soon :)
Yosake: Safe travels
MQ: Have a great RACE :)
Thor: Congrats on the house

6.5 mile crisp fall morning run

BethR 10-09-2014 02:51 PM

Nice run, Julie! Tell me again what you're training for?
Yoshiko, the pics are beautiful. Glad you are finally enjoying some workouts on your trip.
X - hope you feel refreshed tomorrow!
Geo - neat idea, music club. Kind of like book club? Mixed gender? Drinks? Have a great time!

10-mile run this morning in the dark. Love my Nathan lightspurs for my shoes. Cars give me a wide berth for sure!

Yo Sake 10-09-2014 07:42 PM

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Thor - good luck with R2r2r - cant wait to hear about it!
Beth - nice run in the early AM!
Julie - thx - I'm back!
Geo - good catch. I think this statue is Oda Nobunaga (who took over the Nagoya Castle) and his high time was late 1500 and was known for being a quick adapter to new stuff (including fire arms). Sakoku started 1630's. Fascinating period of the Japanese history, my favorite.

30min strength between the chauffuering duties.

juliemboyle 10-10-2014 07:28 AM

Beth: Manchester Half Marathon on Nov 2. :)

Yosake: Welcome home!!!

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