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Thursday, Sept 11 - Workouts!

On this day in 2001 I was working at work in the 2nd tallest building in Chicago. I remember a coworker telling me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center and thinking that it must have been a Cessna. Later that morning we wheeled a TV into the office and watched the days events unfold, including the 2nd plane crashing. Shortly after, they evacuated the building and I recall walking home on the almost empty streets of Chicago.

Yesterday was a DOR.

Today I started on my own at 4 am and got 4 miles in before looping back to pick up Tim and Rick at 4:30. We did another 6 miles together before looping back to pick up Matt and Sue at 5:15. After 2 with the entire group, Rick and Tim dropped out because Tim's PF was flaring up. Finished up six with Matt and Sue for a total of 16.25

Probably my last long run before the first of my two fall marathons. Tomorrow, DW and I fly up to Alaska where I'll see my youngest brother for the first time in about 10 years. And I get to meet my niece for the first time. They live in Seoul and don't get back very often.

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Originally Posted by Alaska Mike View Post
On this day in 2001 I was working at work in the 2nd tallest building in Chicago.
I was working for Nortel Networks at the time. As the news spread, several of us congregated in the company's fitness center where there were TVs and we watched both towers collapse. I remember how weirdly quiet it was those next few days with no planes in the sky.

I got C25k Wk 6 Day 1 done this morning. Seemed hard. Finished it. Pool is down to 69 F - nice and refreshing!

->>> John <<<-
Because too much fun is never enough.
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I'd just moved to MA two weeks before. The most surreal moment for me was the next weekend - I needed to drive back down to NJ, and the combination of seeing the "wrong" skyline for the first time, and NOT having the Newark airport planes over the NJ Turnpike just reinforced everything.

Ran 6 last night. Most things hurt. Happy to have a DT massage scheduled for tonight.
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I was at work, talking to my (then boss) about his daughter's gymnastics meet when a co-worker came in and told us he had just heard about the first plane crash on the radio. We didn't realize how bad the situation was until the 2nd plane hit and started checking the internet for updates.

A 4000yd swim this morning, followed by a 6 mile run in Z3. Swim went awesome and I couldn't have paced it better, other than being faster, which I've come to realize, I'm not.
400 warm up,
3200 straight,
400 cool down.

The splits for the 3200 (I hit the lap button after each 800) were: 12:41.8, 12:33.2, 12:28.8, 12:22.6.
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I was at work in Lexington but half my group was at a conference at the Marriott Hotel directly adjacent to the Twin Towers which collapsed when the Towers fell. My company also had an office on the 8th floor of the South Tower. It was a long day before we found out that all of my colleagues were safe physically but forever changed...

DOR for me today. My run is rescheduled until tomorrow morning due to an unexpected meeting after work.
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Originally Posted by Alaska Mike View Post
On this day in 2001...
My father, who was Manager of Technical Maintenance (of tech equipment) for CBS in NYC, had several guys on top of the second tower when they phoned to say the first tower had been hit by a plane. They hadn't yet known what was happening. My father told them to immediately drop what they were doing and get down and out. None of them ever made it out, as it all happened so quickly. The only good was that each were able to phone their families once they understood what was happening. Really sad. CBS had transmission antennas up on each of the towers. He had himself been up there a few times. Since he was higher up than the techs that went up, he didn't have to go there, but once a month he would go up with coffee and bagels to show appreciation to the guys for their job. My dad doesn't really talk about it, as you might expect.

Double for me today...

4 mile door-to-trail and back run early this morning. Wear testing new pair of trail shoes.

Then a core workout at noon with sustained climbing...

<core work>
10 min Treadmill @ 15% incline, starting at 4.3 mph to 5.0 mph.
<core work>
10 min Treadmill @ 15% incline, starting at 4.3 mph to 5.0 mph.
<core work>
5 min Treadmill @ 15% incline, 5.0 mph.

Been a big week for me in my training for the Canyon. One more big week. Big week = more leg strengthening than miles.

Great day, friends!
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I had just finished working a short desk shift in my dorm and had walked into my room, flipping on the TV as the first plane hit. I called my best friend down to my room and we sat in tears on the floor watching it all unfold. I remember walking around that campus of 40,000 raucous students and being stunned by the silence.
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On this day..I was recovering from surgery. The night before 3 of my employees had called to ask if they could fly back home early due to customer issues in the DC area. I was sleeping through the painkillers when the phone rang with an hysterical employee who wanted to know how I "knew", they had been scheduled to be on the flight that hit the pentagon but with my permission they flew out the night before. I was pretty out of it, I later got calls from sister and her husband, he was walking back after the subway stopped in NY and could not reach her I was able too coordinate communications. These were a few of the lucky ones that random chance put out of harm's way for many others the opposite was true. You just never know what's around the corner.. We have emergency contacts outside our phone areas for this sort of thing.
I did not really understand what happened until some days later although I remember thinking this changes everything and it really has.

Today a gently 17 mile flat spin (bike) then a 2 mile walk. This loosened up my back nicely and as long as I get out of the chair every 10 minutes or so it stays loose. I hope that's the end of this round of back problems!
I have teleconferences all day so pacing the office is my other sport.
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On this day... I was still living in the L.A. area and working on Ally McBeal. I turned on Good Morning America and things were already well underway... although no one really knew what was underway. The studio Ally shot at was just a little south of LAX. Although it was still early, I immediately called our company president (who luckily, was also a friend). She had heard, too, and made the call to shut down production for the day. We started an impromptu phone tree and I let all of our writers (and those on Boston Public) know to stay home. I remember running out to my car for the phone list, and for the first time thinking it might be good to have a gun in the house. I'm not opposed to guns. I love target practice. But I figured if I ever got one, I'd see if I could keep it in a locker at a shooting range. All the unknowns of that morning had me rethinking that.

Once flights started up again, it was a little nerve wracking for awhile to be driving down 405 and have planes coming in so very low on their approach to LAX. The approach was the same as always... and then again, it was so very, very different.

I think I'll manage a little stretch and light weights on the fit ball tonight. That's in between packing and prepping for Boston. I am, by the way, very glad that my flight ended up being on the 12th, not the 11th.

I'll see the Boston crew soon!
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I was driving home after dropping off the kids at school that day and heard about the plane having crashed into the World Trade Center. What followed was just unreal. For the people who lost the loved ones, the last 13yrs must have been a long dark tunnel without justice, a proper closure for many, the peace. I can't even imagine how they feel everytime they hear the discussion about the war against radical Islamic militants.

Alaska MIke - 10yrs! Have a safe trip
TASM - Have a great time in Boston. Take lots of pictures with LIT peeps!

1700m swim early in the morning. And 4.5mile while DS was at martial arts. That's it. Very cranky and tired.
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I was at my desk working when my mom called with the news. I immediately thought a small cessna which would have been sad and unfortunate but something I could see within the realm of possibility. Did not see what really happened. It was also my wedding anniversary with H1. Working in Boston next to the Pru was a bit nerve wracking. Eventually they decided nothing was getting done and no markets were trading so why keep everyone at the office. We all went home on an incredibly silent MBTA through incredibly silent streets. To me this is the Kennedy of our generation. My parents can tell you exactly what they were doing and where they were when JFK was shot. 9/11 is the equivalent for me. No one needed that equivalent.
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