Friday, Sept. 5 - WORKOUTS! -
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Friday, Sept. 5 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

GG: Nice consistency with that C25K! Keep up the great work. Think how tasty that Great Pumpkin Ale will be after running the whole (or most) 5K in October!

Sparty: Glad to see things are seemingly getting better on your end, even if a little bit. And yeah, whenever I take the boy in the jog stroller -- on average two times per week -- I try to work on something different, but we keep coming back to shouting "Yippie!" because, well, it's just **** cute! The ABC song is funny because when I get to the end... "next time won't you sing with me"... he always yells, "Yayyyyyy!"

Bradley: Sweet double!

Topo: But somehow this "rough" (first real workouts after IM) just doesn't matter, in a good way

Reg: Back on the run... or at least ready to go more! Good news.

Yoshi: I say keep up the mtb'ing through the race and then drop that and hit up the run. Timing will be well because come Nov there are fewer mtb training options. Spend late fall and winter running. If you incorporate speed (with proper rest) you'll get the legs back.


4 mile run starting off plod finishing tempo. In spite yesterday's Iron Strength workouts, my legs loosened (though it took half the run) where I was once again able to get on top of my feet for a solid run. I really do think my legs are coming back. I, of course, will not have that opportunity to test them for speed, as my training from here through October is about building strength and doing hills for the Grand Canyon trip.

Great day and weekend, friends!
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An easy 10 mile run this morning. That's all for today. Have a great weekend!
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C25k Wk 5 Day1 done. I'm a little behind - been struggling with getting started this week.

->>> John <<<-
Because too much fun is never enough.
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Thor - thx for your advice.
x - don't you like the day with only one workout?!
LRR - Everybody gets a 'little behind' time to time. Catch up before it gets too much behind!

89F with 55% humidity is pretty hot. However, some reasons I felt better. 6miles. I will just keep running 5-6 days/wk with a low miles, with a bike focus for the Nov race.

DS's first XC race this evening!! It will be above 90F. Hope he wouldn't push too hard under this condition. A bit worried... he is not eating well these days and all bones and muscles.
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Sparty and Thor - Not going to make this running thing a habit! Well ... not until the leaves start to fly...

The usual for me (40+ commuting).

Does anyone else use MapMyRun/Ride? I am totally peeved at the way they added suckitude to the gear tracker feature.

Great day all.

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Originally Posted by xflbk43 View Post
An easy 10 mile run this morning. That's all for today. Have a great weekend!
1. Easy and 10 mile run don't go together.
2. Before work?

Nice work, everyone! Bleachers for me this morning, and it was humid and brutal! Glad it's done.

I have a question for those of you who are far more wise than I am. I am doing a 5K on Sunday. Note that I did not say I'm racing a 5K. I'd like to not suck at it, but I've done exactly zero speedwork or preparation, so I'm looking at it as a slightly more tempo run. The problem is, I would like to also do my long run Sunday (8ish miles). I've never tacked on additional miles on race day. I'm thinking 1 mile before the race, then 5K (duh) during the race, then just sort of keep going and run another 35-40 minutes? Does that sound OK? The race doesn't start until 10 a.m. and is a mostly flat cross-country course, but it's near a greenways trail that's very hilly so that's where I was hoping to head for additional miles.
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31 mile ride with DH including without a doubt, the biggest hill I have ever rode up in my life. I should've been warned when he said " This one is a bear". when I finally finished he said "only one more big one to go" with the biggest smile. I think he's trying to kill me.
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My workout is more mental than physical and on that note:
Theia I've tacked on distance in swim races. The problem is after the end I want to hang out with people and eat and relax and there isn't time. Sometimes I have no choice I do the race hit the finish and run right back in without looking back but when at all possible I try to get in the extra distance prior to the race so I can relax with everyone after. It won't help your "race pace" but that's all I've got for you.

Mountain Girl..what doesn't kill you makes you stronger I want to get to hills again eventually.

Yesterday was super work hectic so 4 1/2 mile hill walks throughout the day (the 1/2 mile ahs good phone reception so I could stay on a conference call while walking any further and the call gets dropped).

Today I had a loosen up swim with friends the water is mixed up with storm surf on its way in and wind from various directions but not really large yet.

And the mental challenge this darn swim in Mexico my friend put together as a fundraiser. Having said no, he convinced me to do it afterall. Then I find there's no safety plan (and some support speaks only Spanish some only English) so I supply one but in the process discover there's a hurricane that may or may not bring large surf and possible thunderstorms. So after wrestling with it some more, and having those around me beg me not to go. I decide not to do it but now the rest of the group is still planning to go because "no one told us not to and if it was a problem they would tell us [not to go]". Oh dear. Its that balance between daring to do what others won't and not being foolish that' so hard to navigate. There are elements of safety but a lot of elements missing that I've learned lessons of before. I suspect I am up to the task but the group isn't..if the predicted storm problems hit, if they don't they will be fine and I will wish I had faith and went. If problems crop up and things go badly I'll be sorry I went even if nothing happens to me, some of the bad takes of previous organized events have created more stress than they were worth. And so endless mental battles! I would have come east for the river swim mentioned by a few of you but my work schedule wont' allow it. This was the consolation "prize" swim for not being able to do a more complex swim I had hoped for (but other's schedules and some boat issues forced me to schedule a year later). I did set up an alternate swim here in the USA but now I think I'm the only one doing it and I'm not sure I want to get up early for extra miles..
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Thor - the run with the boy sounds like an EPIC run in my book!!! NICE!

DOR today - too much to do and not enough time...not sure if I will get my ride in tomorrow or Sunday...highly weather dependent!

Had a decent ride yesterday...yet another bike fit tweak...slowly narrowing in on it, I think...
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I have no idea what I did on Friday 9/5 and it wasn't even that long ago. Ugh!
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